We hope you are enjoying your Spring!

Please remember the dangers to your pet during the heat of summer.
*Please test the asphalt and concrete with your hand before walking your pet on pavements. It can be too hot and cause burns to the pads of their feet.

*If you take your dog areas that have water, such as the beach, lakes, rivers, streams, and water/splash pads- pay attention to how much water they are ingesting. If they consume too much water, they can develop water intoxication.

*Be sure to have an ID tag with your phone number and address on your pet. Fireworks, thunder and other loud noises can frighten a dog in to bolting.

*During picnics, parties and gatherings, do not allow your guests to feed your pets human food. If you cannot trust the people not to feed your pet things like chicken bones, alcohol, pork, fatty foods, sweets, etc, then it would be best to place your pets in a secure area of your home.

*Watch out for snakes! My ‘granddog’ was by a Copperhead. Swelling and pain was immediate. They gave her Benadryl and headed to the emergency vet. She did fine, but it was painful and scary!

*Never leave your pet in a car! The car can over heat and cause heat stroke in no time!

Vet care can be expensive. So your best bet is to be PROACTIVE and think ahead! You can save your pet, your heart and your wallet a lot of grief.

*Last but not least, LIVE today. Our pets have short lives and we are all not promised a ‘tomorrow’. Soak in the rays and soak in life. ENJOY time spent with your pet and the summer.
Turn off the electronics and listen to the sounds of summer. Remember times when you were a child and you were BORED? I cannot remember the last time I was bored! I always have so much to do. I think boredom must be a luxury!

It is Spring and time for some fun!


I know you all remember our rescue, Wolf the Wolferanian, and all the crazy stuff he gets up to. He taught Chief (the guardian GSD) to swim a couple of Summers ago. Last year Chief got a float of his own, which is a bit bigger than Wolf’s. Yesterday, Wolf gave the command to Chief that he needed his float. I guess you can see for yourself what they got up to! LOL

BTW- the other Poms would not be caught dead even near the pool, and don’t even like to get a bath, so they are lying on the porch in the shade….

Happy Spring everybody!

This is our little, blind, diabetic Lucy. She is one of the SMARTEST dogs I have ever met! She does not let anything slow her down! Please don’t tell her that she has a handicapped – she has no idea!

Hello Summer! Please stay smart and safe!

Please enjoy being with your friends and family while staying safe. Make memories and ‘live like some one left the gate open’!

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As you can tell, our latest rescue, ‘Buddy’ is all stressed out!! LOL He is a funny little fella that does not let his blind and deafness slow him down one bit!!

We hope you have a safe and wonderful Summer!

July 5th is one of the busiest days for animal shelters – because of the animals fear of fireworks. The fire works do not end on on the 4th either. It can go one several weeks afterwards. Pls keep your pets indoors with you, and just in case the worst happens, be sure you have a tag on your pet that has your phone number and address!

Happy 19th Birthday to us!

July 8 is PomRescue.com’s 19th birthday! I can hardly believe it. So many years. So many dogs. I have loved every one of them. It seems that recently we have done more ’sanctuarying’ than rescuing, due to temperaments and the health of the pups. I have met so many wonderful people from all over the country. I am an introvert by nature, but I have to step out of my comfort zone in order to rescue, care for the dogs, beg for help and find good adopters. I am so thankful for everyone that has become part of our PomRescue.com family. Happy Birthday to us! PomRescue.com
(the pic is of Tucker, our very first Pom. What a HAM he was. While he was not a rescue, he was the one that taught us so much, and led the way to our love of Poms)

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