Happy Fall Yall!

The leaves are starting to turn. It is still hot, but in just a few days Fall will officially here. Since the loss of SamIam, the rest of the PomRescue.com Poms are hanging in there. We will be ramping up soon to get the Christmas pictures and videos done. It should be super interesting since Wolf joined the pack.
We hope you enjoy one of our last ‘Dog days of Summer videos’!

Happy Birthday to us!

July 28 is PomRescue.com’s 15th birthday! I can hardly believe it. So many years. So many dogs. I have loved every one of them. It seems that recently we have done more ’sanctuarying’ than rescuing, due to temperaments and the health of the pups. I have met so many wonderful people from all over the country. I am an introvert by nature, but I have to step out of my comfort zone in order to rescue, care for the dogs, beg for help and find good adopters. I am so thankful for everyone that has become part of our PomRescue.com family. Happy Birthday to us! PomRescue.com
(the pic is of Tucker, our very first Pom. What a HAM he was. While he was not a rescue, he was the one that taught us so much, and led the way to our love of Poms)

Wild Wolf is at it again!

ild Wolf Wolferanian, the Pomeranian, has made another funny dog video with his German Shepherd buddy, Guardian. We are working on building our Youtube channel. Will you please ‘Like’ us, leave a comment, and give us a thumbs up? Every bit helps!
Wolf is a rescued Pomeranian who thinks he is a big, bad, Wolferanian! You can follow Wolf on Facebook at his pageh ttps://www.facebook.com/Wolf-Wolferanian-421757855282382/?modal=admin_todo_tour

We hope you are enjoying your Summer!

Please remember the dangers to your pet during the heat of summer.
*Please test the asphalt and concrete with your hand before walking your pet on pavements. It can be too hot and cause burns to the pads of their feet.

*If you take your dog areas that have water, such as the beach, lakes, rivers, streams, and water/splash pads- pay attention to how much water they are ingesting. If they consume too much water, they can develop water intoxication.

*Be sure to have an ID tag with your phone number and address on your pet. Fireworks, thunder and other loud noises can frighten a dog in to bolting.

*During picnics, parties and gatherings, do not allow your guests to feed your pets human food. If you cannot trust the people not to feed your pet things like chicken bones, alcohol, pork, fatty foods, sweets, etc, then it would be best to place your pets in a secure area of your home.

*Watch out for snakes! My ‘granddog’ was bitten last week by a Copperhead. Swelling and pain was immediate. My daughter in law gave Raven Benadryl and headed to the emergency vet. Raven is doing fine now, but it was painful and scary!

*Never leave your pet in a car! The car can over heat and cause heat stroke in no time!

Vet care can be expensive. So your best bet is to be PROACTIVE and think ahead! You can save your pet, your heart and your wallet a lot of grief.

*Last but not least, LIVE today. Our pets have short lives and we are all not promised a ‘tomorrow’. Soak in the rays and soak in life. ENJOY time spent with your pet and the summer.
Turn off the electronics and listen to the sounds of summer. Remember times when you were a child and you were BORED? I cannot remember the last time I was bored! I always have so much to do. I think boredom must be a luxury!
I hope you enjoy your summer. Little Wolf is still entertaining us and has brought new life into our little band of ‘misfit toys’. Below is just a little bit of what he has been up to. Check out our YouTube videos on YT.

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This was how I worked with him to get him ready for the pool.

Here he is, all ready to try it in the pool!

Our crazy lives, have gone to the dogs!

I just had to share part of our crazy lives!
I try to get a few minutes of privacy. These silly dogs think it is PAWTY time! Check out Mollie’s t-shirt. It says ‘The party has arrived’! LOL No door will stop them! It looks like the door is giving birth to puppies!
We are building our Youtube channel. Will you please click on the Youtube corner of the video and go to this vid on YT, and then subscribe to our channel, leave a comment, and give us a thumbs up? Every bit helps! THANK YOU! This helps us grow!
Everyone of these dogs are rescued dogs.
Please visit back often on the PomRescue.com website to find out more about rescued Pomeranians and others.
Thank you! Elaine Harris Founder of PomRescue.com

Does Wolf the Wolferanian take the plunge?

Here is our latest rescue. Meet Wolf, the Pom that thinks like a Wolf. He has stolen our hearts.

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I just wanted to fill you all in on a few personal things that have occurred in our lives this past year. We lost my Mom last summer to the slow fade of stroke/dementia/ALZ. Then 4 months and four days later Dad had a blood clot and passed suddenly. They were in their 80’s, but Dad was still strong and his passing was quite a shock.
We are doing better and having our daughter and her family move from CA to SC has been wonderful for us all. They are all rescue dog crazy like their ‘Grommie.’
Our son spent some time in the desert last summer serving our country. He was deployed when my mother passed, but his wife and children were such a comfort to us. He is now home safe and we are so thankful.
It has not been easy running the rescue during all these personal challenges, but to be quite honest, the dogs are what keep me from falling in a pit of personal despair. I don’t have the luxury of ‘falling apart’. They need looking after 24 hours, 7 days a week, and you just try telling them, you ‘need a break’! They are not having it! LOL
So this Spring, we are looking forward to joy, laughter, family, friendships, and of course dogs. Lots of dogs. Many come. A few leave us to be adopted, but even more stay to be sanctuaried with issues that are not easily handled in regular homes. We do not do it alone and we count on our rescue ‘Village’ to stand with us. We thank you! Big hugs- Elaine

We are excited to share that we have joined the Chewy Shelter & Rescue Network!
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Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and PomRescue.com Inc. will get a $20 donation!

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Please note that we can no longer take in owner surrenders.
We are sorry to say that we can no longer take in owner surrendered dogs. Due to some bad experiences and our lack of foster space, we must save our spaces for dogs in immediate danger of being put to death at shelters.

Spring has sprung!

Georgie has had her mammary tumor and spay surgery. The biopsy showed that it was a cancerous tumor, but the type that rarely returns when the hormones are gone as with the ovarian hysterectomy. We are very excited for Georgie’s future. The surgery had to be taken care of first, so we have had her on the ’slow kill’ heart worm treatment since before Christmas. We feel it would not be in her best interest to have the ‘fast kill’ injections right after her surgery as a mass kill off can cause life threatening problems. We will continue with the slow kill meds and have her re-tested in three months. She is doing so well. Thank you all for your support! It really does take a ‘village’!
Donations much needed and appreciated! They can be mailed to:
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The Heartworm Project Funds Match Challenge was a SUCCESS!

The Heartworm Project Funds Match Challenge was a great success! They thought it the perfect time because we have a HW+ dog(Georgie) in need of treatment. They  matched dollar for dollar, up to $1000 for all the donations made between January 1-15, 2019. Woo Hoo! So those of you that donated 1/1/19 or after your  donations  counted! The little black dog(that is the sister of Bailey)Georgie, tested heartworm positive +      I was NOT expecting that. She looks the healthiest of any dog we have ever rescued. The HW treatment appts should be arond the first of March.  So we will get her over this! I have had many HW+ dogs, and never lost one yet. HW tx is expensive, so if anyone would like to donate towards her HW treatment, we could sure use it!
if you would like to mail in a donation
you could mail it to us at

PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376,
or online on our website by using the ‘Donate Now’ button
Thanks so much!! You know I will be posting pupdates.

Our latest rescues, now named Georgie and Bailey

Pupates: I took Bailey and Georgie to the Vets Monday. They were able to get blood from Bailey. I had a complete senior blood panel done and they had to send it off. I won’t know until it gets back if she is HW+ like Georgie. I asked for X-rays of her body. No obstruction could be seen in her digestive system. We were looking for the cause of the vomiting and why she is not gaining weight like I thought she should. Bailey only weighed 5.25 lbs. We looked for a spay scar but could not see one or a spay tattoo. There is a tumor near where her belly button would be and it is encapsulated. If she was spayed the chances are good that it is NOT cancer. If she has NOT been spayed – the chances of it being a cancerous tumor are pretty good. If we can get her strong enough and get enough weight on her to have surgery we could get it removed and buy her some time like we have Cinnamon. She would need a dental at the same time. Her teeth are horrible. One eye is completely blind(we knew that) and she has very limited vision in the other. She was negative for parasites. I thought they would be wiped out after such a hard day but both are doing well. Bailey is not wanting to eat. It has been a nightmare trying to find anything that she will eat!

Georgie, the little black dog, tested heartworm positive + at our Vet appt on Monday. I was NOT expecting this. She looks the healthiest of any dog we have ever rescued. I am setting up the HW treatment appts as soon as possible. So we will get her over this! I have had many HW+ dogs, and never lost one yet. HW tx is expensive, so if anyone would like to donate towards her HW treatment, we could sure use it!
Donations much needed and appreciated! They can be mailed to:
PomRescue.com inc
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PomRescue.com’s two latest rescues

Rescue was needed!
These two lost their daddy to cancer and they found themselves in a shelter. They were so scared and did not understand what was going on! One minute they were home snuggled up to their daddy and then they were all alone in a strange place and had not seen their daddy in days. They are sweet female babies. The Pomeranian is approx 15 yrs old. The black Mix is approx 10 yrs old.
We rescued them today. The Pom has some serious health issues. She is very underweight! I will keep you updated. Here they are tonight after baths, nail trims and a warm meal.

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Donations much needed and appreciated! They can be mailed to:
PomRescue.com inc
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