Pomeranian Jeremy in his first 3 weeks at PomRescue.com
Mar 28th, 2014 by elaine

Our latest rescue. A very shy, sweet boy. He has graduated from dragging a 6′ leash, to a 4′ leash. He was a rascal to get in and out of the house the first couple of weeks, but is doing so much better now. I don’t know if he was beaten and abused or if he was just thrown outside and never socialized. In any case we are happy that he has never offered to bite and it coming along nicely. He will need a quiet and patient family.

More SNOW in South Carolina!
Feb 12th, 2014 by elaine

Our Southern Snow Dogs!!
Jan 29th, 2014 by elaine

Our latest rescue ‘Honey Bear’
Jan 4th, 2014 by elaine

DEAF, starved almost to death, weak, cold, covered in fleas, riddled with parasites, and with a crippled rear leg, Honey Bear was not going to make it much longer on her own! Want to help us help more like Honey Bear? Pls click on our ‘Donate Now’ button in the left hand corner and make an online donation or mail donations to:
PomRescue.com inc,
PO Box 14,
Roebuck SC 29376
Thank you!!!

Peggy Hope’s rescue and flight HOME!
Dec 29th, 2013 by elaine

Winkles was adopted and went home for the Holidays!
Dec 29th, 2013 by elaine

My friend and PomRescue.com board member adopted Winkles the week before Christmas, so he was HOME for the Holidays! We could not have asked for a better home. After getting him checked out by our vet, he had blood tests, vaccines and a biopsy of spot on his back. It turned out to be a melanoma, which we had removed. While he was asleep after having that removed he had a dental as well. He continues to improve with Bonnie and Dennis and is very much loved!
See Winkles photo album here: https://plus.google.com/photos/106497236357925664703/albums/5962951594028120705?authkey=CLL9qvHex_uTkgE

We have moved!
Dec 10th, 2013 by elaine

Hello PomRescue.com friends-supporters
I wanted to take this time to thank you and tell you how much your support in prayers, work, adoptions and donations have meant to us this year. In case you didn’t know, we have MOVED! Last July we found a log home with a little acreage that we thought would be just perfect for us, so we listed our house for sale. We were in the city and I was constantly worried that our little band of noisy rescues were bothering the neighbors, plus we have always LOVED the country. All summer long we had to keep the house ‘show ready’ as there were times when we had less than 2 hours notice. Then there was the loading up of the dogs in the car(we bought an older Honda Element, so we had room for all of them) and would drive around or park in a shady spot while they showed the house. I used to call it our big, orange refrigerator. We felt so blessed to have it! I can’t remember having less than 10 dogs and at some time we had as many as 16. As most of you have dogs, you can imagine how difficult this was – as well as keeping the house clean in order for it to be saleable. There were times when I was so tired and so discouraged, that I could not even pray for ourselves, but so many of you did it for me and I felt it! By early Fall, I was near my breaking point. I was wondering – did God even hear me? Was He paying attention when I prayed? Why was this all so hard? What was He waiting on? Then after a in depth talk with our son, Luke – about being happy with what you have- I finally decided to quit pushing and to stop struggling so hard to make something happen. I prayed and told God from my heart, “Ok God. Not my will, but YOUR will be done and WHAT EVER you want to do, I am accepting it” and I really meant it. Even if it meant staying put. This was pretty tough for me as I was so sure that we had followed His lead by putting the house up for sale. Then when the log cabin we wanted so bad SOLD, I was pretty shaken. What now? After I had the heart to heart prayer with God, TWENTY MINS LATER, and I am not exaggerating, I got a call that said that the couple that had seen our house the weekend before wanted to come back for a second look. They were coming in 2 hours! I put myself in high gear. The dogs and I were out of the house, in the car and in a shady spot in hour and a half! All the while I am thinking – ‘Ok the cabin sold…..What if we get the offer we have been praying for?’ In less than 45 mins the realtor called and said we should be hearing from our realtor real soon. I phoned Ronnie as he was on his way home from work, and asked him to meet us under the shade tree where we sat. When he got there I pronounced “We were going to get an offer!” He asked me ‘WHERE ARE WE GOING if they do make an offer?” I didn’t know but I had two places
that I had wanted to look at. So he met us and we plugged the addresses in the TomTom(GPS system) and he, I, and all the dogs went house hunting (again). The first place was really bad, so we went on to the second. Only then we got very lost when ‘TomTom’ told us to take a left too early. We ended up in a neighborhood that was designed in the 70’s as an equestrian community. This gave the houses plenty of space and privacy. We drove by this really neat house that had a ‘For Sale’ sign out front. Ronnie said “There is my house!” I was afraid it would be more than what we could afford as the realtor sells higher end properties. When we got back home we immediately got the call from our realtor. YES! We had an offer and they wanted to know an answer with in TWO HOURS! It was a very fair offer, only a little less than our asking price! While Ronnie was talking to our realtor, I was frantically searching online for the listing of ‘His house’. My jaw dropped when I found out that it was the same price as we were asking for our house! And the pictures were awesome. That was when we began to see that we were in the middle of a MIRACLE.
Our realtor convinced them to wait until she could go over the contract with us in the morning. The next morning we went straight to her office and signed the contract to sell our old house. We stepped out in FAITH. Then we went to ‘Ronnie’s house’ and took a look inside. We knew that was it. It had the privacy and room we needed. It was all on one level, but had a large unfinished basement. If we had been trying to build a house, we would have picked out this very floor plan. It was perfect for us and ‘move in ready’. We went right back to our realtor’s office and made an offer on the house that same morning.
Ok. Now here is the part that gives me goose bumps every time. We found out that the very day OCT 8 that we received our offer on our old house was the very SAME DAY OCT 8 that the sellers listed our new house. They must have just put the sign in the yard hours(if not minutes) before we drove by when we got ‘lost’. If there was ever any doubt about what is was we were suppose to do, that was enough to push it right back down where it belonged!
Our buyers needed to be in our old house ASAP or they were going to be charged with two months more rent. So we and our great team of God/realtor/mortgage person/inspectors/family got busy and we closed on Oct 30. It all fell together like a perfect puzzle. We are still so amazed, thrilled and so THANKFUL!
The buyers were a couple with two small children and he is a minister at a church downtown. They needed a home fast. All summer long we were preparing and we were READY! God had been working on the perfect timing for everyone. One of the lessons I learned this summer was ‘hey it is not all about ME’. There are others that have needs and I just need to relax and let God take care of the details, but I will be READY when the call comes! And when it is time to MOVE – I will be READY. When I applied this to our spiritual lives, I realized that we need to be READY when He calls us. Maybe it will be time for us to leave this earth. We need to be ready to go to Heaven- having asked Jesus in to our hearts. We need to have our spiritual house ready. Then if some one needs our help, we are prepared to answer the call! If it had not been for the believers that prayed us through this past summer, I would have not been ready, as my spiritual body and my physical body had gotten so weary. So lets all be READY to help someone else who is going through trials. God is there. He is here. He is real and He knows what he is doing!
If you read through all this, you may be asking yourself-what has all this got to do with Pomeranian rescues? Every day these little guys teach me about God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. Even the most abused are capable of recovering and becoming the best they can be. They are capable of giving love and receiving love. One thing that amazes me is how close they all want to be to me, and how they watch my every move. Sometimes there is one that will stay aloof and not swarm in for scritches and love like the others. I don’t love that one any less, but we both are losing out on the joy of being together and being close. Lets don’t be that way with God. He wants us to be close so He can enjoy fellowshipping and loving us.
Many days I feel like a shepherd, looking out for my flock. They watch my face and when I give the call, they come running. They trust me to know that I am looking out for them and that I know what is good for them, just as we need to keep our eyes on God to see what he needs for us to do and to trust God that He knows what is good for us and that He is watching over us.
Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!
Elaine Harris

Dec 2nd, 2013 by elaine

THE PomRescue.com Christmas video for 2013! Every time I watch it, I see one of the little scamps do something else funny that I had not noticed before. Each year we try to make a video including all the rescues here. I look back at the past years Christmas videos with a lot of nostalgia. Some of the pups are still here, many went on to be adopted and then some went on to Heaven before us. One thing is for sure, they are all still here in my heart! Please share our little video. The more that know about us, the better chances we have of getting great adoptive homes and donations to help with the next little rescues that need us.

We think Winkles, our latest adptable, is on the verge of going VIRAL!! 1,500 views in just a few days!! WOoHOO! The more peeps that view it, the more people are exposed to just how PAWSOME rescue dogs can be – so pls share if you like it :0)

Want to help us this year while you shop online?
Nov 25th, 2013 by elaine

If you shop online this Christmas you can help us by shopping through our PomRescue.com IGive link. It doesn’t cost you a thing – the online store is the one sending the donation to IGive and then they send us a ck. We recieved $19. this month! Pls share- every little bit helps! THANk YOU!


Thank you PetCo Foundation!
Nov 11th, 2013 by elaine

PetCo Foundation presented us with a donation check representing funds collected at our local PetCo store during the 2013 Breeds in Need fundraiser. Thank you so much PetCo for the gift and for believing in our live saving work!  

Pupdate on Angel and TomTom
Nov 11th, 2013 by elaine

We received a pupdate in the mail this week from Marty, Angel and TomTom’s mom. TomTom was a little tiny, flying spitfire and she adopted him from us back in 2009. Angel was and is an angel, and right now I can’t find her file to see how long she has been adopted, but it was before TomTom. Marty also adopted Baker, who passed away a few years back. He came in from TN with Tiny Tad and blind & deaf Sara. I love getting these kind of pupdates. They keep us going!

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