Please beware of water intoxication

Please beware of water intoxication this summer. I really had no idea that this was a problem. I have been told that it can even happen while a dog is playing in a sprinkler! rescued Guardian, a German Shepherd stray, at a county animal control shelter, on his last day. rescued Guardian, a German Shepherd stray, at a county animal control shelter, on his last day. Having just lost our guardian dog, Bear Harris, we rescued Guardian in honor of our Bear. Guardian was very, very thin and a bit nervous about being left alone. He quickly bonded to us. It took a few days of careful work, but Guardian has now included all the dogs and the chickens as ‘his pack’.

Please note that we can no longer take in owner surrenders.
We are sorry to say that we can no longer take in owner surrendered dogs. Due to some bad experiences and our lack of foster space, we must save our spaces for dogs in immediate danger of being put to death at shelters.

Our latest rescue. ‘Guardian’ as in angel. Just in case you are wondering why a Pom rescuer came home with a pony sized German Shepherd. Yes- I may have lost my mind(or what was left of it) but could you could have walked off and left him? Yeah. I didn’t think so…… ;0) This boy spoke to my heart. We had just lost our big dog, Bear, with no warning. So this rescue is dedicated in loving memory to ‘Bear Harris’. He is forever in our hearts. If you have never done a ‘freedom run’ and picked an animal up from a shelter, then you are missing one of life’s sweetest joys!

SAD news…..

I hate to post sad news, but anyone that had known us, knows our boy Tucker. He was our very first Pom ever. I knew nothing about Poms and even less about Pomeranian rescue before we got him! If I could do it wrong I did! We spoiled him rotten and loved him like a kid for 15 years.  He was funny, silly, contrary, a big ham when the camera came out, lovable and at times cantankerous. Over the last few years he developed congestive heart failure. It became more difficult to manage in the last six weeks and on April 20, 2016 at 6:30 AM, he passed away. He did it HIS WAY, just like he did everything.  He was on our bed, on his own terms and when he was good and ready. Our daughter, Jenny,  was in high school and and our son, Luke, was in junior high when we got Tucker. He lived in 3 houses with us, saw them grow up, go off to school and to the AirForce, and then saw them get married and have children of their own.We can hardly remember a time before Tucker.
Our oldest granddaughter said 2 days ago that Tucker was on his way to Heaven and she was right. God speed little Tucker Paw!

Two weeks after losing Tucker we lost our ‘Bear Harris’. It was a sudden death, with no warning. I am still trying to understand. We loved him dearly!


Jennifer K and her Poms, Kit and Ruby sent the case of 24 Sparkle paper towels -THANK YOU!!! so very much!! It was shipped from Amazon. THANK YOU SO MUCH! They are much needed and much appreciated!She ‘fessed up and have us set up to receive the paper towels every two months from Amazon. I didn’t even know you could do that! Thank you very much Jennifer, Kit and Ruby!


Please note that we can no longer take in owner surrenders.
We are sorry to say that we can no longer take in owner surrendered dogs. Due to some bad experiences and our lack of foster space, we must save our spaces for dogs in immediate danger of being put to death at shelters.

Sadie has been ADOPTED!

Sadie’s new Mom, Anna.
Sadly Anna’s Pom Taffy, passed away just a few weeks ago.This left a Pom sized hole in her heart. Seeing Sadie online, she knew that Sadie needed someone, and she needed Sadie. After checking out her application, doing the reference checks and then the home visit, we saw that they were a good match. I have to admit, I shed a few tears as I had become very attached to sweet Sadie, but I knew she deserved a quieter home with her very own person to love. This is what rescue is all about.
Pupdate: Sadie has been adopted  Hi- My name is Sadie. My person passed away and I was taken to a shelter to be put to sleep. I was so afraid. I knew if they put me to sleep I would never wake back up again. The folks at the shelter did not want that to happen so they contacted PomRescuecom to see if I could come stay with them. A nice lady picked me up and brought me to I have already had all my vaccines and blood work and I had a dental and lost 15 teeth they had been neglected for a long time. I also had a growth removed from under my tail on 3/16. It was benign- yeah!  Let me tell you about myself. I don’t bark much,(hardly ever) I can’t hear very much. I am learning to come to a loud clap though! I like to go outside with you and when I get to know you I will surprise you by running around in your yard. I get along fine with all the other Pommies here.  I love food and am not a picky eater. I don’t mind being bathed and brushed. Since I am a mature girl, I think I would do best in an all adult home. I am home! xoxo Sadie
Sadie is microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, heart worm negative and started on heart worm prevention and flea prevention.

Mister B

Mister B

Hi- Mister B here. I was scared, cold and lost when these 2 sweet ladies found me and took me to a shelter. I was scared there too and got very sick, but at least I was no longer cold and outside. When my stray hold was over and no one had ever come looking for me, one of the nice ladies that had found me, came back and picked me up and brought me to If I had not come here, they say I would have ‘got the needle’, which I know is a very bad thing. So here I am. I took lots and lots of medicine and I was very good about that. I am not sick anymore. Let me tell you about myself. I am not a picky eater. I love my breakfast and dinner. I know how to walk and not pull on my leash. I am good during my baths and I even let the Pom rescue lady brush my teeth! I am lovable, cuddly, adorable, playful, sweet and have a lot of character. I don’t jump up on people and don’t pester anyone. I bark to let you know I need to go out and I bark to let you know when I need to come in. I do fine with other dogs. I am just a live and let live kinda guy. I am a mature gentlemen and think I would like it best if I had an adult only home. I am neutered, and had all my vetting services done(all vaccines, micro chipped and bloodwork) and the vet thinks I am good to go. I nap a lot and have my favorite sleeping spot and bed. They think I may be deaf as I do not respond to sound  xoxo Mister B was been chosen as TigerTails Foods rescue of the month of March

Great news!  was been chosen as TigerTails Foods rescue of the month. This means that they will donate a portion of their sales for the month of March to PR.c. They have: Appetite Enhancers, Barks & Crisps,
Emu Oil Products for People, Emu Oil Products for Pets, Gift Ideas, Small Animal & Bird Treats, Whoats, Wholistic Dog & Cat Food, & Just-a-Bite Biscotti. Jill had sent us a bag of the Biscotti. The pups LOVE it! I made a short clip of our Tiger Tail treat time. Ronnie gave me a small action camera for an early birthday present, so this clip is shot from Mollie’s point of view. You can tell they LOVE their Tiger Tail treats!
Here is the link for the Tiger Tail Foods website if you would like check them out. Thank you so much!

Bernie is ready for his new home!

Bernie was found wandering, alone and afraid in the cold when 2 sweet ladies took him to the shelter. After his stray hold was up we rescued him. He was very scared at first and very, very, sick. Bernie is so much better now, and we believe he is ready for his own home. Bernie is older(we guess 12-14) He would not be good as a jogging partner, but would enjoy a stroll around the block. Bernie just minds his own business and he would be ok as an only dog, or with other low key dogs. Bernie naps and sleeps a lot. He still has accidents in the house if we get busy are not paying attention to his signals. When he goes out, he does his business and then he will bark at you to let him back in! He will need a fenced yard(no underground or radio fences). He will need a retirement home with out children as he is so cute that they want to hug him around the neck, and pick him up and he becomes frightened. He has not bitten, but there is always that possibility. Bernie does not mind it when we brush his teeth, so someone cared for him before. But he does not like his nails done. He loves attention and can be playful when the mood hits him. Bernie is not a tiny Pom. He is in the med size range around 14 lbs with longer legs. He has some hair loss on his back, that may or may not resolve. Bernie is microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, heart worm negative and on heart worm prevention and flea prevention. He has had a vet check up, senior blood panel, and a T-4 test. All were with in normal range for recovering from a serious illness. Bernie had a serious upper respiratory infection and kennel cough for several weeks after his rescue and still coughs on occasion. We look for this to lesson as he heals. If you have read all this and are still interested pls email us for our adoption questionnaire at We require a home visit, a vet reference and personal references and 150. adoption donation. We take our adoptions very seriously as we are all that stand between them and another bad situation, so we have to do right by them.

and one more…….

This was the week of TWO rescues!  This little boy was found by 2 good Samaritans and taken to an animal shelter for his safety and stray hold. As  his stray hold was nearing an end, he became pretty sick with a URI. The shelter contacted us and said he needed OUT the same day. I got the message late and I would have been unable to get there in time. His first rescuers were contacted by the shelter and offered to pick him up and meet me. I was so worried, then relieved and now so thankful! They saved his life not once but TWICE! THANK YOU Betsy, Ashley and their Dad!
We were facing a pretty good snow storm in the next few days. So he is here, medicated, clean and warm, resting in our office. This has been quite a week!

After the transport

Clean, medicated and warm

Our latest rescue

This little girl found herself in a shelter after her person died. We had notice of only a few hours before her euthanization DEAD line. Angela drove to pick her up and then I met Angela on the road. I bathed her and checked her out fairly well. She has 3 worrisome masses, and 6 suspicious skin spots. These scare me, but Charlie’s were worse than hers and his were benign and he is still with us over a year later. She will definitely need a dental. We will have her vetted, have the masses evaluated, and have senior panel blood work as well as a thyroid test. Then if she is able, I will schedule the dental. The shelter vaccinated her and HW tested her(negative) and didn’t charge us a pull fee!! Yeah! Thank you Gaston NC animal control. For the record- they could not have been more helpful or easier to work with! Thank you rescue coordinator Annie! And Angela Buchanan Hardin THANK YOU SO MUCH- She saved a life in a major way!!! Here she is chilling out beside Pup. I just put her in the crate to give her a ’safe place’ while she gets used to all the other dogs. I don’t think she has seen this many! I have not decided on a name yet. I am sure it will come soon! Stayed tuned for further pupdates and look for the posts about the little blk and wht Pom that we are pulling from another animal control this week.

Jet has been adopted!

This is the day of Jet’s adoption and video of Bonnie’s babies. Bonnie adopted Wolfie, the orange Pom, playing with the toy from us a few years ago. Over the years Bonnie and Dennis have adopted several from us. Jeremy was the last adoption before Jet. You can just see how well adjusted her babies are. Jet is fitting in beautifully!

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