Happy Valentines Day!

and one more…….

This was the week of TWO rescues!  This little boy was found by 2 good Samaritans and taken to an animal shelter for his safety and stray hold. As  his stray hold was nearing an end, he became pretty sick with a URI. The shelter contacted us and said he needed OUT the same day. I got the message late and I would have been unable to get there in time. His first rescuers were contacted by the shelter and offered to pick him up and meet me. I was so worried, then relieved and now so thankful! They saved his life not once but TWICE! THANK YOU Betsy, Ashley and their Dad!
We were facing a pretty good snow storm in the next few days. So he is here, medicated, clean and warm, resting in our office. This has been quite a week!

After the transport

Clean, medicated and warm

Our latest rescue

This little girl found herself in a shelter after her person died. We had notice of only a few hours before her euthanization DEAD line. Angela drove to pick her up and then I met Angela on the road. I bathed her and checked her out fairly well. She has 3 worrisome masses, and 6 suspicious skin spots. These scare me, but Charlie’s were worse than hers and his were benign and he is still with us over a year later. She will definitely need a dental. We will have her vetted, have the masses evaluated, and have senior panel blood work as well as a thyroid test. Then if she is able, I will schedule the dental. The shelter vaccinated her and HW tested her(negative) and didn’t charge us a pull fee!! Yeah! Thank you Gaston NC animal control. For the record- they could not have been more helpful or easier to work with! Thank you rescue coordinator Annie! And Angela Buchanan Hardin THANK YOU SO MUCH- She saved a life in a major way!!! Here she is chilling out beside Pup. I just put her in the crate to give her a ’safe place’ while she gets used to all the other dogs. I don’t think she has seen this many! I have not decided on a name yet. I am sure it will come soon! Stayed tuned for further pupdates and look for the posts about the little blk and wht Pom that we are pulling from another animal control this week.

Jet has been adopted!

This is the day of Jet’s adoption and video of Bonnie’s babies. Bonnie adopted Wolfie, the orange Pom, playing with the toy from us a few years ago. Over the years Bonnie and Dennis have adopted several from us. Jeremy was the last adoption before Jet. You can just see how well adjusted her babies are. Jet is fitting in beautifully!

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all that have helped us this year!! May you all have a blessed 2016!

Merry Christmas!

We wish you the very best Christmas ever!
Please enjoy our Christmas videos. One is a 2 min video giving you a little insight about what it takes to make our Christmas card pics and videos, and the other is just a little bit of Pom fun. We hope you enjoy!

Jet has had his surgery!

On 12/13/15 Jet had his surgery. They removed his leg at the hip joint. He was in surgery 2 hours. The vet removed the pin from the bone at my request and I have the sharp pin. See it in the pics below. I don’t know how he stood it with those sharp ends!  Jet is recovering nicely now and should get his stitches out the week before Christmas. He is on pain meds and his pain is being controlled. We will go back the week after Christmas to have the stitches removed. PUPDATE!! Our vet called on 12/23 the results of the biopsies are in. They were NOT CANCER!! YEAH!! It was the best news we could have received!!  Thank you all who prayed and donated for Jet!!

Pupdate on Jet

You just won’t believe this, even when you see it. Xrays at our vet showed that Jet has a HUGE, sharp PIN (guesstimated at 4″) in his leg from his hip to his knee. We believe that a previous surgery was done in an attempt to save his leg, and an OVERSIZED, sharp pin was put in his leg. Then who ever owned him, never took him for the follow up surgery to have the pin removed! It is not a recent surgery either. Now the bone and muscle has deteriorated to the point that his leg cannot be salvaged. Plus, there is a mess/mass on the end of the point of the pin that is very scary. My vet said she would want that mass off just to rule out cancer. If the leg is not removed he would require extensive pain meds(which could ruin his liver) for the rest of his life. He is in severe pain, requiring Metacam AND Tramadol. Our vet doesn’t want to do the surgery until he has been on antibiotics for a week so I can fatten him up for another week as well.(he has already gained 2 lbs in a week) At this point we are shocked, angry, sad, and hopeful…… Who the heck does this to their dog and then NEVER goes looking for him? He sat in ANIMAL CONTROL for TWO WEEKS waiting on them and they never came!!
Surgery is set for the first of next week. Our prayer is that Jet can be painfree for Christmas.

New Pom ‘Jet’ : First hours @ PomRescue.com

Jet: Day 1.
Just a little video showing you his first couple of hours as he gets picked up from animal control and brought back here.
First things first: A bath!!!

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