Pupdate video of Sammy

Pls note: we can no longer take in owner surrenders

We are sorry to say that we can no longer take in owner surrendered dogs. Due to some bad experiences and our lack of foster space, we must save our spaces for dogs in immediate danger of being put to death at shelters.

Our latest rescue

Meet Pup

Saving Pomeranians… One at a time!

We want to thank Tiger Tail Foods for choosing us to be their ‘RESCUE OF THE MONTH’ !  We love and use their products. Our favorites are the Emu Oil shampoo/conditioner

Pls visit our friends at Tiger Tail!  https://tigertailfoods.com/ Anyone who orders from them and mentions PomRescue.com inc automatically becomes part of their rebate group.  At the end of each quarter they add up the value of all the orders in the rebate column and send PR.c a check.  WooHoo!! we love it! The pic below is of Sammie who had a lot of flakes and fur loss. We have washed him every time with the Emu shampoo and his fur is beautiful now.

Our rescue Bear Harris has HAPPY NEWS!

We LOVE our Pomrescue.com family!

Our rescue Bear Harris has some happy news!!

Thank you so much!

So many of you have already donated and  supported us and  we thank you so much! On top of your generous donations, we  just received a call from St Paws Thrift Store in Columbia, SC and our grant app was approved and we will receive a 750.00 grant!  We are very excited and grateful for all the support!

Have a very healthy, happy, safe and happy 2015!!

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or you can use our PayPal button.       THANK YOU!!

Our THREE new rescues. Just in time for CHRISTMAS!

Sadie and Sammie were brought to a NC animal control shelter in the back of a trailer full of fire wood.  The dogs were said to be 14 years old. The owner was ‘moving and could not take them with him’. They are blessed that he surrendered them as they were in poor shape and are the sweetest things!

‘Charlie Too’ was found as a stray and no one ever came for him. He is a senior, has some skin issues, and has 2 large tumors. We suspect he was put out, so his people would not have to deal with his vetting expenses.

We will be having them vetted and all their medical issues addressed. Sammie and Sadie will only be adopted together as they are bonded to each other. I think they must have a common sire or dam. Although they are very different sizes, they have a similar body shape. Sadie needs a dental badly! Sammie as no teeth. Charlie Too will need to have his tumors removed and maybe a  dental as well. They all need blood tests and vaccines.

If you can help us with their expenses, we would be most grateful!

PomRescue.com inc
Roebuck, SC 29376

Here is their slideshows: https://plus.google.com/photos/106497236357925664703/albums/6088776288412762881?authkey=CJPZpquQ7rWp6wE

EXCITING NEWS! We had CHALLENGE! For the last week, for every dollar donated to help these three Poms, the Heartworm Project  matched it , up to $750.00!  We MET OUR GOAL!!! THANKS to all that helped us and donated and  THANK YOU Heartworm project!!!  http://www.heartwormproject.org/


The Poms have a ‘wish list’ on Amazon if anybody wants to donate items. They do not have to be purchased on Amazon, and they don’t have to be the name brands (except the dog food – that is important) but it gives an idea of the kind of things we need on a regular basis. Thank you!!! http://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/27ZXJSSFQTU84

Cyber shoppers….

Cyber shoppers…. pls remember us and support us through Amazon Smile and Igive! When you place an order using either of these sites, PomRescue.com receives a donation. THANK YOU!!!!



Pupdate on Jeremy-ADOPTED!! YEAH!


We have a pupdate on our long time foster, Jeremy. After 8 months with us we felt he would continue his progress better with our friend and PR.c board member Bonnie in Va. According to her updates he seems to be fitting in just fine.  PUPDATE: JEREMY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! We will continue to post pupdates on him. It was sad to see him go, but in my heart I think he will THRIVE with Bonnie and her husband Dennis. They are FANTASTIC people. He has come a long way from the terrified, unsocialized – shutting down fellow that he was.


Our little. blind Kelley is doing really well. Kelley is ready to be HOME for the HOLIDAYS! Email us at PomRescueCom@aol.com for an adoption questionnaire if you are interested in adopting her.

We agree with QUACKERS!! Amen!

Meet little blind Kelley

Kelley was in a shelter in AL. She had been turned in as a stray. My friend in GA, Laurie Wyatt, pulled her from the shelter and got her to my other friend, Charity Foerster, who kept her a few days and then drove her to us at the SC/GA line. She is blind, was EXTREMELY thin, and had Kennel Cough. After a couple of weeks of good food, and recovering from the kennel cough, I took Kelley  to the vet last Thurs morning. She had an EXTENSIVE check up. Her thyroid is GOOD. NO heartworms! YEAH! No fecal parasites.SHE HAS A SPAY SCAR!! YEAH!!! Her pre-op blood work was excellent except her creatine was borderline high. The solution is to get more water in her. An easy fix. I do it with Quackers. I just put extra water in his food and  I am got out the puppy fountain. Sometimes if they hear water a blind dog will drink more. She was scratching and had a staph skin infection. Her pee smelled horrible, I knew something was wrong there, so the vet cked it and she had a urinary tract infection. Her breath was stinky – her teeth are horrible and infected. She was scooting and had impacted anal glands. The vet gave her an antibiotic that will take care of all the infections. She weighed 7.8 lbs. We did not get vaccines or microchip because of the infections, but I scheduled her dental for Thurs  and she will get those then. Now the bad news is that she has a grade 4(out of 6) heart murmur. She has been put on Enalapril(a heart strenghthener) and antibiotics, and will have a dental that will take care of the ongoing bacteria in the mouth that damages the heart. Toughie had a grade 3, had a dental and good food/care and no longer has a heart murmur at all. So I am not surprised about the murmur, nor am I upset. She is an older, very neglected dog and I am just thankful she is getting a chance at being healthy! Her dental is being sponsored by Bella’s Dad and Mom,(thank you so much!) Thank you to all our PR.C supporters that enable us to give these little guys the vet care they need and deserve!!

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