ThunderBolt and LightFoot fly to their forever HOME!

These two little special pups have landed in a soft spot with their new mom, Anne. No more cold winters for them as they have retired to their new home in Florida. On 9/3/2015 Dr Donna Shannon DVM flew up from Florida to our local airport and picked the pups up and flew them back home to Anne. It was difficult letting go, but they have been adopted to the perfect mom that can give them everything they need. We are so excited to see them have their ‘happily ever after’.
We are grateful to FootHills Humane Society for sheltering them and vetting them before we picked them up to heal. We are grateful to Charity Foerester for co-ordinating our PilotsNPaws flight. We are grateful to PilotsNPaws for having the forum to do so. We are grateful to Dr Donna for the day she spent flying them home, for her fuel costs, and the use of her plane. We are so very grateful to Anne, a dog trainer, and a retired nurse, that has opened her heart and home to these special babies. And we are so grateful to our supporters for helping us to help Poms like ThunderBolt and LIghtFoot!

Latest pics of ThunderBolt & LightFoot

Pupdate on Pup

Pup was found as a stray near a dog park. His Good Sam believes he was left there for someone to find him. He has severe arthritis in his spine, neurological issues and problems seeing and our vet could not rule out a brain tumor. However, Pup is enjoying life to the fullest! He is always smiling, making us smile and wagging his cute little tail! He was rail think when we got him, but is eating so well he has really gotten heavy. I carry him in and out several times a day and he is giving my arms great muscles! :0) We love Pup and unless just the right home comes along, he will be sanctuaried here with us.

Please note that we can no longer take in owner surrenders

We are sorry to say that we can no longer take in owner surrendered dogs. Due to some bad experiences and our lack of foster space, we must save our spaces for dogs in immediate danger of being put to death at shelters.

Hello ThunderBolt and LightFoot!

Found as strays in a rural road, ThunderBolt and LightFoot were blessed to be picked up and taken to a very good shelter. One of my friends from FootHills Humane Society contacted us about them. They were pretty sad looking little guys and really needed some TLC! Foothills had them vetted(THANK YOU FOOTHILLS HS!) for us and we picked them up on 8/16/2015. They are doing very well. We are looking for just the right home for them.

Just another Saturday afternoon here with the Poms….

Just another Saturday at A short clip featuring just a few of the rescued and sanctuaried Poms that are family to us. This is only about half of them. They were scattered all over the yard! I hope you enjoy a few minutes of living, loving and barking!
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THANKS so much! We are a 501c3 nonprofit.
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A whirlwind adoption story! Theo’s happy tail

I received an email from a rescuer that was helping a pair of Good Samaritans that had found a stray Pom. I suggested that she turn him in to a local no-kill shelter to wait see if any owners came forward. She did and after 5 days no one came. (thank you Stacey! She named him Theodore) Then we stepped up to rescue him. A volunteer transporter picked him up at the shelter (thanks Sean!) and met us on the road. By the time I arrived home with Theo, I had an email from a lady asking if she could adopt him. She had met him the day before at the shelter and when he began crying/howling/barking in his kennel, she asked if she could take him home over night. The staff at the shelter there knows her well (and her other dogs), so they let her take him. She said he fit in like he had always been there. The next morning, even though it broke her heart, she took him back to the shelter for us to pick up. She was very sad. By the time I got back home, there was an email from her asking about adopting Theo. I emailed her back and asked if she would fill out our adoption questionnaire and send personal and vet refs. When I called all her refs they all gave her glowing reports. I talked with her at length on the phone and she told me that she had bought him a bed, collar, harness, & a leash. She even had bought him a t shirt because he was chilled, and all the while she knew he was coming to us! (how selfless is that?) She had given him premium food(all her dogs are on great food) given him coconut oil(for his skin), dewormed him and even rubbed salve on his skin! She did pretty much everything I would have done if he had come straight to my house! Then I checked her vet ref and it was one of the best I have ever gotten. We even had a volunteer do the the home visit right away. So by that very same evening, we had everything we needed approved and we set up to meet the next morning. When I wasn’t in the car, on the phone or the computer that day, I gave him 2 medicated baths, a thorough ear flush(they were AWFUL), clipped his nails, and tweaked his ‘lion cut’. He slept as close as he could get to me that night, and didn’t move an inch.Then next morning when I went to put Theo’s harness back on, to get in the car, he gave me the most heartbreaking look, like ‘Oh no. Not again’. It killed me. But when we got to the meet up with Jennifer and she held him in her arms, he had the most RELIEVED, loving look on his face. I call it the ‘It’s OK, I’ll be fine’ look that releases me from them. I always look for that. I think there has to be a bigger reason(than I can understand) why all this worked out the way it did. I am just glad it did. Jennifer had his vetting completed last week and he did wonderful! We already have several pupdate pics and reports.

Update on our ‘Christmas in July Fundraising Auctions’

We have some equipment that is breaking and aging out - at over 8 years old. These are things that we originally purchased with the Maddie’s Fund Adoption ideas contest winnings. In an effort to raise funds to replace and repair these essential items, we had an Ebay  ’Christmas in July Fundraising Auction’. One of our supporters donated a gorgeous, hand made afghan for us to auction. This motivated and inspired us to get together several items and I listed them as well. Update on the auctions. We had 9 items to sell out of 16. When they are all paid for we will have cleared about 85.00. That was not including the cost of the items, as the afghan was donated by Merry Meredith Anderson Butler(thank you Merry!!) and I donated the rest. Shipping ended up costing 91.40. We charged for shipping but I under-estimated it in most cases. Then there was the Ebay listing fees and the PayPal fees. I shipped everything out 8/3 via the USPS. THANK you all who shared, bid and supported us! Thank you Jill Van Vlack for matching the afghan price for a donation and thank you Ida Graves for your bid and extra donation!
We are a small dog rescue that has no paid employees or building costs.

Hello Tundra…..

This is Tundra. After the loss of Timber, we believe she had a paw in getting Tundra to us. She was a breeder surrender. Tundra has many things to learn about being a human’s best friend. She has just always been a mama. Things like steps, going in and out of doors, coming, and being held are all new territory for her. She is learning though and with each passing day, she is becoming more confident and less fearful.  So although Timber is no longer with us, we still have a tiny wolf in the house to keep us company and help heal the hurt of Timber’s passing. I think Timber meant for Tundra to be a comfort to us….
Pupdate on Tundra- she has now been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and had a dental(they had to remove her last 4 teeth!)so she is now toothless. She is still very, very shy, but she is enjoying being one of the pack.

Good bye for now Timber….

We lost Timber suddenly on July 4.  She was 13 years old. She was our second ever Pom. We had no idea WHAT we were doing! We just knew that we loved her and she was our little girl. She saw us through our children growing up, moving out, going to college, marrying and becoming parents themselves. A lot happens in 13 years. She was there through it all. The morning after she passed, I looked over on ‘her pillow’ and it still had the indention of her little round body in it. I have to admit, my heart broke all over again. She was thinner than she had been, her bark had changed and so had the look in her eyes but she was still active and even ate the morning she passed. When she collapsed on the floor, and passed just a few minutes later, we were in shock. I guess you are never prepared to lose one. Ronnie handled it so much better than I expected him too, and much better than I did. I could hardly function. I tried to stay busy to keep myself from dwelling on my grief, but at the end of the day, all my busyness just made me sad AND tired. Exactly a week later, I checked emails before I went to sleep. I opened a RescueMe! alert. There staring at me was a face that looked so much like Timber’s that they could have been sisters. My heart went in to over drive as I tapped out the email to the rescue that had listed her. I knew the lady that had rescued her as I had made some adoption videos for them over the last couple of years. The next afternoon found me driving out in the country on my way to meet her. She had been surrendered by a breeder. As I sat in the puppypen with the other dogs all nudging and letting me hold them, she stayed just out of arms reach. I knew then, she was the one sent by Timber. Timber would have been the same way. That was what made her love so special. You earned it. Kim let me take her home that very afternoon. This little girl does not replace Timber - nor is she Timber, but she needed a home and we had a gaping hole in our hearts. In some cases a ’furry bandaid’ can help stop the bleeding. So now when I look down, instead of seeing an empty spot, I see a sweet little face reminding me enough of Timber that the pain is no longer like a sharp knife to my heart.

We hope you had safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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