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The Heartworm Project Funds Match Challenge was a SUCCESS!

The Heartworm Project Funds Match Challenge was a great success! They thought it the perfect time because we have a HW+ dog(Georgie) in need of treatment. They  matched dollar for dollar, up to $1000 for all the donations made between January 1-15, 2019. Woo Hoo! So those of you that donated 1/1/19 or after your  donations  counted! The little black dog(that is the sister of Bailey)Georgie, tested heartworm positive +      I was NOT expecting that. She looks the healthiest of any dog we have ever rescued. The HW treatment appts should be arond the first of March.  So we will get her over this! I have had many HW+ dogs, and never lost one yet. HW tx is expensive, so if anyone would like to donate towards her HW treatment, we could sure use it!
if you would like to mail in a donation
you could mail it to us at
PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376,
or online on our website by using the ‘Donate Now’ button
Thanks so much!! You know I will be posting pupdates.

Our latest rescues, now named Georgie and Bailey

Pupates: I took Bailey and Georgie to the Vets Monday. They were able to get blood from Bailey. I had a complete senior blood panel done and they had to send it off. I won’t know until it gets back if she is HW+ like Georgie. I asked for X-rays of her body. No obstruction could be seen in her digestive system. We were looking for the cause of the vomiting and why she is not gaining weight like I thought she should. Bailey only weighed 5.25 lbs. We looked for a spay scar but could not see one or a spay tattoo. There is a tumor near where her belly button would be and it is encapsulated. If she was spayed the chances are good that it is NOT cancer. If she has NOT been spayed – the chances of it being a cancerous tumor are pretty good. If we can get her strong enough and get enough weight on her to have surgery we could get it removed and buy her some time like we have Cinnamon. She would need a dental at the same time. Her teeth are horrible. One eye is completely blind(we knew that) and she has very limited vision in the other. She was negative for parasites. I thought they would be wiped out after such a hard day but both are doing well. Bailey is not wanting to eat. It has been a nightmare trying to find anything that she will eat!

Georgie, the little black dog, tested heartworm positive + at our Vet appt on Monday. I was NOT expecting this. She looks the healthiest of any dog we have ever rescued. I am setting up the HW treatment appts as soon as possible. So we will get her over this! I have had many HW+ dogs, and never lost one yet. HW tx is expensive, so if anyone would like to donate towards her HW treatment, we could sure use it!
Donations much needed and appreciated! They can be mailed to: inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376
Or donations can be made online here:’s two latest rescues

Rescue was needed!
These two lost their daddy to cancer and they found themselves in a shelter. They were so scared and did not understand what was going on! One minute they were home snuggled up to their daddy and then they were all alone in a strange place and had not seen their daddy in days. They are sweet female babies. The Pomeranian is approx 15 yrs old. The black Mix is approx 10 yrs old.
We rescued them today. The Pom has some serious health issues. She is very underweight! I will keep you updated. Here they are tonight after baths, nail trims and a warm meal.

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Donations much needed and appreciated! They can be mailed to: inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376
Or donations can be made online here:

Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas Family and Friends!
We have so much to be grateful for. We are so thankful to our adopters, our dog families, our friends, and last but certainly not least, our supporters! This has been a difficult year with the sickness and loss of my mother, and several of our sanctuaried older dogs. But we have also had many bright spots as well. We have had some great new rescues. And our daughter and her family have moved back to SC from CA, and our son returned safely from deployment over seas. We are truly blessed. We pray that you and yours have been blessed as well!

Here is our ‘Making of the Christmas cards Christmas video. We hope you enjoy!

If anyone is interested in sending the
pups something off of our wish list, I just pupdated the list. THANKS so much for considering us for your donation! Our shipping/mailing address is PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376. If this link does not take you to our list, you can do a search on Amazon smile using the following : Pomrescue Com Inc
For some reason they did not allow me to use our incorporated name of inc.
Or here is a short wish list:

Quality canned dog food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitve Stomach & Skin Wet dog Food, Salmon & Vegetable Entre’e Canned dog foo

Canned plain pumpkin

Long Poise Pads(we cut them in half)

Virgin Coconut oil

Taste of the Wild (kibble)

Blue Buffalo kibble Sr Dry food

13 gallon trash bags

Paper towels

HE laundry detergent


Canine dental water additive

Printer paper



Canine multivitamins

If any one would like to make a donation, our PayPal address is or you can use our donate button below or drop a donation in the mail.

Our mailing address is: inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376

Happy Fall Y’all!’s Rider as ‘Spider Dog’! Rider was left at a shelter in rough shape. After months of being in the shelter we were asked to rescue Rider. Now Rider is one of the Pups of! We have many special needs rescues sanctuaried with us, that live in our home. We try to give them all the love they need and look after them until they are adopted, or in some cases, for the rest of their lives. Would you like to help us? We are a 501c3 nonprofit, have no paid employees, or office/kennel expenses. All donations go towards the care of the dogs and the running of the rescue. Pls visit click on the ‘Donate Now’ button to donate or donations can be mailed to: inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376 THANK YOU!!!
Can you believe this was the same dog at the shelter?

‘POM Day’ afternoon at

Just a nice summer afternoon with the Pups of! We have many special needs rescues sanctuaried with us. These are a few, but not all that live in our home. We try to give them all the love they need and look after them until they are adopted, or in some cases, for the rest of their lives. W
So many great folks have donated to
using our Wish List. Some even have us set up to receive supplies on a monthly basis. THANK YOU so much!! We just updated it and will try to keep it current. Here is the link:

Dog Days of Summer!

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble……. Trouble vs Angel. Trouble the Pomeranian vs Angel the German Shepherd. WHO will win? You decide! She is so sweet about the toys. It’s like she never had any and every day is Christmas to her. I suspect she lived under a porch most of her life as she gave me a look when I was opening the door under our porch that spoke volumes….Never again sweet Angel! She is so gentle with the little ones, even Trouble! Notice Guardian taking sides…. LOL
All the dogs in this video are rescues.

If any one would like to make a donation, our PayPal address is or you can use our donate button below or drop a donation in the mail.

Our mailing address is: inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376

Please note that we can no longer take in owner surrenders.
We are sorry to say that we can no longer take in owner surrendered dogs. Due to some bad experiences and our lack of foster space, we must save our spaces for dogs in immediate danger of being put to death at shelters.

Rescued Angel

On our Guardian’s 2 year ‘Happy Gotcha Day’ ( I think it is no coincidence), that a German Shep about his age and looking like she could be his sister, was DUE OUT of the SAME SHELTER he was in on the SAME DAY. She needed us.

Rider to the rescue!

This little fellow was in the shelter from Feb until last second week of April.  He is quite a little character!

Sparky was adopted!

‘Honey Bunn’ AKA ‘Sparky’ has been adopted! His mama June named him ‘Nugget’ as in ‘Gold Nugget’ . They  are loving him so much! June and Neal had adopted our Pip. Pip had a medical emergency and passed a few months ago, leaving them devastated. Sparky was in need of a forever home and they decided to adopt once again. We are so happy!

Our Angel Gabriel

How do I thank you for caring enough to support us in our endeavor to rescue Gabriel? From the moment I saw her picture on Facebook at the Greenville animal control page, I knew we were supposed to rescue her. Being a Pomeranian rescue, I also knew I needed to find out how our supporters felt about this – as all our rescues are a team effort. I made the post asking what you all thought, and immediately the donations starting coming in. She was in need and our supporters were ready to stand with us in getting her to safety! So, I sent the email to GAC and told them we would pull her and then made the drive to Greenville SC. I will never forget when they came bringing her out. She looked so defeated and like she could barely walk. They handed me a leash, a bag of meds and I paid her fee.  Poor girl. She had everything going against her. She had been a stray and was so thin. She had heart worms. She was in heat and to top it off she had a huge infected tumor on her belly that smelled, leaked and looked so bad. Despite being so neglected and mistreated she showed only gentleness. I stopped and got her some chicken and we bonded on the way home. Her liquid brown eyes showed her gratitude. From that day on, the only time we were apart was when she had her surgery to remove the tumor. I called her Gabriel. It was a ‘God thing’. I have a friend that messaged me with only the word ‘Gabriel’ and I have another friend that has a grandson who is a cancer survivor and his name is Gabriel. We had just had a conversation about him.

When my friend Jill, looked up the name, this is what she found: ‘Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength’. One of the two archangels specifically named in the Bible in both the Old and New Testament, SHE is often portrayed holding a trumpet and as the only FEMALE archangel. As the patron of communications, Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel, acting as a messenger of God. She helps writers, teachers, journalists and artists to convey their message, to find motivation and confidence, and to market their skills. She also assists in overcoming issues of fear and procrastination in communication as well as in all areas related to children, helping during conception, pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing.’ All this spoke to my heart and where I am right now. Even our daughter had our latest granddaughter this past Sunday morning.

After we pulled Gabriel, we were home only 45 minutes while I gave her a bath and called my vet and told them we had an emergency. I offered her food and water and then loaded her back up and we headed up to Landrum SC to our veterinary hospital.

At that first appointment, they did x-rays and tried so hard to get blood from her, but she was so dehydrated they only got a few drops. Then they sent us home with the hopes that we could get some weight on her, so she could have the surgery to remove the tumor. She ate pretty good those first few days, but by the fifth day she had stopped eating and the tumor was even angrier looking.

I called the vet hospital again and asked my vet to see us and schedule the surgery. I did not want to lose the weight she had gained, and I was afraid she would turn septic, despite the two antibiotics she was on. Our vet was realistic about the surgery- there was a big chance that she might not make it, but I knew she would die by the weekend if we didn’t go ahead. Dr. Lara Anderson-Bailey did the surgery on her lunch ‘hour’. One hour turned to more than two as she tried getting all the bits of the tumor extracted. When weighed, the tumor was 2.7 lbs. Gabriel had more than 30 staples to put her back together. It was late when we carried her on a stretcher to the ‘Great Pumpkin’ turned animal ambulance. We were all praying that she would make it through the night and she did!

I took her back to the vet the next morning for a re-check and she was doing very well. We had a ‘honeymoon’ period with Gabriel then. Each day she seemed to improve. She seemed to like having all the little dogs around and had decided she was the boss of Guardian! Gabriel knew nothing about living in a house and almost nothing about playing in a yard. It only took her a couple of days and she was potty trained and enjoyed her time in the yard and sun as well. Then one day she surprised me by going after a ball that I had thrown for Guardian. I was ecstatic! The honey moon was short though and she began to eat less again and have periods when she did not want to get up.

10 days after the surgery we went to have her staples removed and find out the results of the biopsy. It was bad news. She had the worst, most invasive-aggressive cancer a dog can have. I was advised that it would probably only be about two months before it claimed her. Usually it spreads to the lungs, so we were to watch her breathing. I was not ready to give up, so I told them I would like to fight it. I wanted to try some alternative Chinese medicine that Dr. Osborne had been studying. They said they would put their heads together to come up with a plan. And they did.

Monday the office called and asked if I would like to come up for a consult. However, Gabriel had gotten worse over the weekend.  I fed her home cooked roasted chicken on Friday, but she did not want it or much of anything Saturday or Sunday. Her breathing had become more rapid and labored. Sunday evening, I hand fed her more chicken, but all she wanted was just a few ounces. It was a beautiful warm day and she lay all evening on the screened porch on a new fleece bed, that my friend June had just brought her. But she could not get up so I ended up dragging the bed and all in to the house.

Monday morning, I took her in to the vet and we re-x-rayed her. It was bad. Her chest had filled with fluid.  We might could have pulled the fluid off by putting a hole in her chest and draining it, but that is a painful procedure and it would not have stopped the inevitable. Her lungs were only working at about 1/3 of their capacity, her heart was weak from having heart worms as well as the aggressive cancer that had so weakened her body. Because she was already so malnourished- diuretics would have just taken what nourishment we had gotten in to her – out.

So, with my head on her head petting her sweet, soft, velvet ears, and Dr. Lara Anderson-Bailey petting and loving on her, Dr. Osborne gently gave Gabriel her wings. She flew fast and easy. Now more than ever we have an Angel Gabriel. I can’t even tell you how much my heart hurts. You would have thought I had had her 13 years rather than 3 weeks. We had bonded so fast. But I am better for having known her. Thank you for all who have prayed, supported us, and donated. None of the last three weeks would have been possible without you. This was truly a team effort.  Gabriel would have died in animal control, alone, never knowing what it felt like to be loved and part of a family.

Sometimes we cannot save the ones we rescue. But even as hard as it was, I would do it all over again. So, thank you – thank you! I am sorry that this letter is just now getting written, but I have been so busy. Now that she is gone, the other dogs, especially Guardian are doing their best to lift my spirits. I have learned so much through all of this. Rescues are sent to us for a season. Some seasons are shorter than others. We are so blessed to have friends that are part of this team effort!  May you have a wonderful Spring and Summer season!        Big furry hugs-

Elaine and the dogs of

This are photos of our journey with Gabriel, the German Shepherd we pulled from Greenville County Animal Control. Pls be advised that some are graphic in nature and may not be suitable for those that might be a bit squeamish.

Link to pics

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