SunShine : Ready to be adopted!


SunShine is something special. She was found as a stray and then no one came for her. She is blind. However she gets around very well once she knows the ‘lay of the land’. I walk her to go outside with a leash, to the same spot in the yard-I unclip the leash-she does her ‘walk’ and will come right back up the deck steps then on to the porch and steps up on in to the house! Sometimes she even beats me back to the house! Sunny is so smart, that one morning I was not fast enough making her breakfast, that I walked out on to the porch and she was SITTING in a CHAIR at the TABLE! Like ‘Where is my breakfast?! LOL Sunny does not need some one who will pity her or feel sorry for her. She needs someone that will protect her, care for her and help her grow in to the loving heart dog that she was meant to be. At 24 lbs, she can still be carried when needed, but she is doing very well on the leash. I am trying not to carry her these days- as she really needs to learn where everything is. We would prefer her to go to a home that is familiar with blind dogs-but if you are willing to learn, we might can help you with that. We don’t think a home with children would be a good thing as she does not need to be startled and feel the need to protect herself. That is what blind dogs do. She was growly here at first to the other dogs, but soon she was realizing that nobody was going to harm her, so she just lives and let live. She hasn’t bonded with any of them, but is starting to really get attached to me! She is going to make some one an AWESOME friend for life. She has not been barky, which is pretty amazing in a house full of Poms. She really did not like the dog goggle glasses, but it made for an eye catching pic(pun intended ;0)so I included it. Ok- so if you think you are interested- shoot us an email to with a little about yourself. We have an application, require refs, a vet ref and a home visit. Be prepared to prove that you deserve her for the prize that she is! She will not just be going home with anybody, or she can just stay here for the rest of her life. Just being real here.
Sunny is microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, heart worm negative and started on heart worm prevention and flea prevention.Because she was a stray- I have no clue as to her age! I am just guessing 7ish? Could be more, could be less! We had a blood profile done on her at the vet and all looked good. Please email us for an adoption questionnaire.**Adoption donation, a home visit, two personal and one Vet references will be required. *

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