Cinnamon our latest rescue

Cinnamon our latest rescue is doing well after almost 2 weeks. I gave her a bath today and it was not quite as traumatic as the first one. She still needed the cone as she still tried to bite me, but she was a little less intense. I was still reminded of the term ‘fighting tooth and nail’. It must have been written about her! LOL She seemed to enjoy a soft brushing. I got a collar and tags on her and we played with a loose scarf on her neck. She lets me pick her up several times a day with no issues. Food is her currency.(mine too! ;0) She is scheduled to have her dental and mammary tumors removed on 8/28. She is eating like a wolf so she should be a good weight by then. I will have them biopsied. Pls pray for no cancer and no complications. She let Ronnie pick her today! That was a big deal.

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