Our Christmas blooper

Our annual Christmas video was posted after Thanksgiving. We had quite a few ‘bloopers’ so I thought I would share this one with you.
This is Cinnamon, our little ’spitfire’. The first month, I had to wear welder’s gloves to handle her as she would nail me every chance she got with her few remaining rotting teeth. She has come a long way, but has not lost her spunk! Cinnamon was was adopted out of a shelter, then brought back a couple of years later by the family of the adopter that had passed. She was in very poor condition! Fleas, skinny, rotting teeth, matted fur and to top it all off she had mammary tumors. We had the dental and the tumors taken care of. But when they were biopsied, one of them is a fast growing type of cancer. My vet believes she got it all, but we just have no guarantees that it might not pop up somewhere else.So we are determined to give this little old lady the best life she can have for whatever time she has left!

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