We have a special case arriving Tues 2/6

How would you all feel about donating for surgery to remove this mass on this German Shepherd lady, and give her a little time? She is also heart worm positive. I saw her and my heart twisted. She was still available as of Friday afternoon when I emailed the shelter. What do you think? If you are thinking of donating- we now have rescue confirmation. THANK YOU for your input!! I have talked to one of my vets on Friday afternoon and have given her the heads up that we will be needing surgery for this mass.
BTW- I posted this girl as FOUND earlier in the week, so she has come to my heart TWICE this week in separate posts! I know she is not a Pom, but I have said for years that Pomeranians are just little German Shepherds in a port-a-package! These 2 breeds just make my heart mush.
Oh and if you want to donate, you can mail to
PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376 or donate here on our site.
Elaine of PomRescue.com

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