Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas Family and Friends!
We have so much to be grateful for. We are so thankful to our adopters, our dog families, our friends, and last but certainly not least, our supporters! This has been a difficult year with the sickness and loss of my mother, and several of our sanctuaried older dogs. But we have also had many bright spots as well. We have had some great new rescues. And our daughter and her family have moved back to SC from CA, and our son returned safely from deployment over seas. We are truly blessed. We pray that you and yours have been blessed as well!

Here is our ‘Making of the Christmas cards Christmas video. We hope you enjoy!

If anyone is interested in sending the
pups something off of our wish list, I just pupdated the list. THANKS so much for considering us for your donation! Our shipping/mailing address is PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376. If this link does not take you to our list, you can do a search on Amazon smile using the following : Pomrescue Com Inc
For some reason they did not allow me to use our incorporated name of inc.
Or here is a short wish list:

Quality canned dog food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitve Stomach & Skin Wet dog Food, Salmon & Vegetable Entre’e Canned dog foo

Canned plain pumpkin

Long Poise Pads(we cut them in half)

Virgin Coconut oil

Taste of the Wild (kibble)

Blue Buffalo kibble Sr Dry food

13 gallon trash bags

Paper towels

HE laundry detergent


Canine dental water additive

Printer paper



Canine multivitamins

If any one would like to make a donation, our PayPal address is or you can use our donate button below or drop a donation in the mail.

Our mailing address is: inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376

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