Our latest rescues, now named Georgie and Bailey

Pupates: I took Bailey and Georgie to the Vets Monday. They were able to get blood from Bailey. I had a complete senior blood panel done and they had to send it off. I won’t know until it gets back if she is HW+ like Georgie. I asked for X-rays of her body. No obstruction could be seen in her digestive system. We were looking for the cause of the vomiting and why she is not gaining weight like I thought she should. Bailey only weighed 5.25 lbs. We looked for a spay scar but could not see one or a spay tattoo. There is a tumor near where her belly button would be and it is encapsulated. If she was spayed the chances are good that it is NOT cancer. If she has NOT been spayed – the chances of it being a cancerous tumor are pretty good. If we can get her strong enough and get enough weight on her to have surgery we could get it removed and buy her some time like we have Cinnamon. She would need a dental at the same time. Her teeth are horrible. One eye is completely blind(we knew that) and she has very limited vision in the other. She was negative for parasites. I thought they would be wiped out after such a hard day but both are doing well. Bailey is not wanting to eat. It has been a nightmare trying to find anything that she will eat!

Georgie, the little black dog, tested heartworm positive + at our Vet appt on Monday. I was NOT expecting this. She looks the healthiest of any dog we have ever rescued. I am setting up the HW treatment appts as soon as possible. So we will get her over this! I have had many HW+ dogs, and never lost one yet. HW tx is expensive, so if anyone would like to donate towards her HW treatment, we could sure use it!
Donations much needed and appreciated! They can be mailed to:
PomRescue.com inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376
Or donations can be made online here:

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