The Heartworm Project Funds Match Challenge was a SUCCESS!

The Heartworm Project Funds Match Challenge was a great success! They thought it the perfect time because we have a HW+ dog(Georgie) in need of treatment. They  matched dollar for dollar, up to $1000 for all the donations made between January 1-15, 2019. Woo Hoo! So those of you that donated 1/1/19 or after your  donations  counted! The little black dog(that is the sister of Bailey)Georgie, tested heartworm positive +      I was NOT expecting that. She looks the healthiest of any dog we have ever rescued. The HW treatment appts should be arond the first of March.  So we will get her over this! I have had many HW+ dogs, and never lost one yet. HW tx is expensive, so if anyone would like to donate towards her HW treatment, we could sure use it!
if you would like to mail in a donation
you could mail it to us at
PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376,
or online on our website by using the ‘Donate Now’ button
Thanks so much!! You know I will be posting pupdates.

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