We want to thank our Veterans and their families….

We want to thank our Veterans and their families on this Veterans Day. After being a military Mom for over 11 years now, I can appreciate the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make. You and your families have my upmost respect and appreciation for all you have done for our country!

We regretfully had to let our two oldest Pom girls, Cinnamon and Bailey, have their wings. Both had large mammary masses, and at their age and condition – they were not operable. Cinnamon had lasted two years after her first cancer surgery. That biopsy had shown that Cinnamon had a very aggressive form of cancer. So that she lived another two years was a miracle. We babied them and gave them everything they wanted right up until the end. We love and miss them.

Two days later I was contacted about a senior male Pomeranian needed rescue at a shelter. I drove and picked him up last week. He is a real sweet heart and I will be posting pics soon.

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