Our Christmas letter

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to our PomRescue.com family, friends and supporters! Thank you so much for your donations, support and prayers over the years! It is amazing how fast they go by now. This year started out pretty hard, as I lost my Dad in Jan, only 4 months after my Mom passed. They are in Heaven, together again, and I am sure that they welcome each of the dogs as they cross the bridge. We lost little SamIam, in early summer to respiratory failure and tiny Bailey and Cinnamon to cancer in Nov. Cinnamon had an aggressive cancer removed two years ago, but had had a good life up until the last few months. Bailey was rescued(with Georgie) last Christmas, and although she had improved and gained a little bit of weight, she never thrived and was never strong enough to be spayed. So when the tumor on her stomach began to grow, we knew there was no hope of her ever getting better. I believe she never got over missing her ‘dad’ (he passed right before the family abandoned them) because even though she was mostly blind, she constantly walked as if she was trying to find someone. Georgie, her ‘sister’, and a bigger Kelpie mix, had a rough start. She was an escape artist, was aggressive to some of the Poms and had severe separation anxiety. On top of the behavior issues, she also had heart worms and a mammary tumor. I was determined to do what I could for her, and believe it or not, we worked through all the issues. She is now a good girl and is protective of the little dogs. We are still going through the process of the ‘slow kill’ method to rid her of heart worms, and we had the mammary mass removed. It is so nice to see Georgie ‘glowing’ and happy.
With so much sorrow and hurt happening around the first of the year, I became severely depressed. Then I heard from my friend, Bunny Bishop(who does such great rescue work!) about a young Pomeranian male that had been surrendered when his owner, who was severely disabled, could not keep him any more. He was having to spend a lot of time in a crate. The lady that had him before Bunny, only had him a couple of hours before she was knocking on Bunny’s door that same evening, wanting Bunny to take him! At first I was going to help Bunny by taking pics and vids and posting them for her. I knew he would get adopted quickly as he was so handsome and young. So after visiting for a while we loaded the young fella back up in her car. I went inside and Ronnie, said ‘I wish we could keep him!’ He never asks for anything and puts up with so much, plus I was thinking the same thing! I ran back out to the driveway and caught Bunny before she left, and asked her if she would consider allowing us to adopt him. She was happy, but asked that if we did not want to keep him, that he would go back to her. That was the easiest promise I have ever made! Bunny took him and had him vetted/neutered and then he came HOME. I think you could say that Wolf sort of EXPLODED in to our lives! We had not had a young dog in a long time and had forgotten a lot. He jumps like a cat, thinks he is a Wolf, and is as agile as a Ninja! I called him ‘Wolf the Wolferanian’. I got busy and crated my shoes, put crates around electrical cords, ect, and shelved anything that might be harmful if he got in to it. Then he figured out how to jump on the chairs and bar stools to get on the kitchen table and island. There was no containing him in a puppy pen either! Oh no… The first day I tried that, he climbed out before I had even turned my back and was greeting me from the back of the couch through the window pass through in the kitchen!! Wolf was just ‘too much’! Too much energy. Too much cunning. Too wiley. Too smart. And JUST RIGHT for where I was in my life. I needed to get outside my sorrow to out think, out wit and out play our Wolf, just so he would be a ‘Survivor’. (I used to love that show) Wolf turned a year old in Nov. During the last several months he became a swimmer, (jumps in every chance he gets) loves to ride in the car, loves to gather the chicken eggs, loves the (6) Grands, and EVERYONE he meets. Too adorable and funny to keep all to myself, I began making videos of all the crazy and funny things he does, and sharing them on his own Facebook page, ‘Wolf the Wolferanian’ and on my YouTube channel. I can’t even tell you how many times a day this boy makes me laugh out loud! So when I look back, although it has been a hard year, it has also been a year of many blessings and good times as well. I pray you all have a blessed 2020, full of smiles, good times and laughter. Thank you for being you. For with out you, the world would be a very different place.
Big hugs Elaine and the dogs of PomRescue.com

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