Pupdate on our latest rescue, ‘Prancer’

Our latest pupdate on our latest rescue, ‘Prancer’. This is how he looks at me when I call him in. Then he goes down in a play bow, does a circle and runs the opposite way! I thought he was totally deaf the way he ignored my calls. But I have since seen him respond to my claps. Sometimes I can catch his eye by waving a white paper plate. I am still trying to figure him out! I do know he loves kids and is very beta. He has not growled or picked a fight with anyone, and respects the big dogs to the point that I have to make them come in first before he will even think about coming on the deck. My vet called with his blood results and he is HYPOthyroid and will require meds twice a day. We just have to get the dosage figured out now. Then he needs a dental. He is a wonderful, 14 lb, senior, snuggley boy. I am guessing at least 14 years old.

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