We have wonderful news!

We all need to hear some happy news … How about this? Prancer is being adopted! My good friend June, who has been an adopter for many years, has decided to make him part of their family. I LOVE this boy so much!  He is deaf, is not tiny, nor female so placing him with someone I know will love and care for him the rest of his life has me thrilled! June is not far away, so I know I will see him again. That makes this easier as well. He has follow up bloodwork for his thyroid meds, and I have him scheduled for a dental on 4/8. So we are aiming at adoption in mid April. I have told June that they can foster him for a while to see if he is a fit, but we both know her, and she won’t be sending him back 
Congratulations June Dreskin and Neal and Prancer! 

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