October News

I think here are PomRescue.com we should call October, ‘Barktober’! I think we have earned the right to! We have been busy. Our board member Bonnie, facilitated the taking in to rescue, fostered and then placed a little cream, Pom girl. She was adopted last weekend. We LOVE it when a plan comes together! She has been getting happy pupdates all week.

Last Friday I picked up a little black Pom that was transferred over to us by another rescuer, that had taken him in when he was in need. She had him vetted and had intended to keep him, but he just was not a good fit for her pack. We are calling him ‘Cubby’ for the time being. He is being adopted in the next couple of weeks by a good friend that needed him as much as he needed her.  I have enjoyed getting to know this funny, sweet, tiny, precious guy!

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