Pupdate on Lucy

Since finding out that our blind Lucy has Diabetes, we have her on insulin. I did a glucose curve and she is now on 3 units of insulin twice a day. Her water intake and output are greatly reduced. She is also gaining weight and is now over 10 lbs. She has become so spunky! She plays, bows, and runs. When I call her in she has the path memorized. When she gets to the steps I say ‘Up!’ and she leaps up each step. It is pretty amazing to watch. I will get video soon! The first sign that I knew something was wrong with her was when she first came home from the shelter and drank tons of water!
I have been asked by the Editor at Happy DIY Home to share this article about ‘Why My dog is Drinking so much water’. I read it and think it is very ’share worthy’. I love learning new things. I hope you will have a chance to read it! https://yourdogadvisor.com/why-is-my-dog-drinking-so-much-water/

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