Happy Seventeenth birthday to us!!!

This is now our 17th year of officially running a dog rescue- PomRescue.com I can’t get over how fast time has flown. My hair is now silver, my skin wrinkled and my body tires more easily. I tend to fall more than I used to, and it takes a bit longer for me to heal. The past couple years of political unrest and division and then the Covid 19 Pandemic came with great cost to all people and nonprofits. But we are still here.
Many of our rescued dogs in the past have sanctuaried here with us and become part of our family They just had so many issues(behavior & medical) that they were beyond what we could ask an adopter to handle. This has not changed and has actually become more the rule than the exception. One example is Ollie. A Tibetan Spaniel, he was with us 14 years after finding himself at the Humane Society having suffered a head injury. He had been hit by a car and was never ‘normal’, but we loved him as he was. Ollie passed a couple of months ago in my arms. We miss him terribly.
Even though we started out as a PomRescue, we have taken in more than Pomeranians when the need arose. There is Guardian and Angel, our German Shepherds, who have been our protectors. Angel’s time is getting closer. Her arthritic hips, and back are causing pain and it is harder for her to get up and she falls a lot. Chronic UTI’s, allergies and ear infections are a constant battle, and she HATES to take medicine. With her keen nose she can smell a pill a block away and spit them out faster than I can wrap them in something yummy! She also does not have Guardian’s easy going personality so we are cautious in handling her, esp when she is in pain. But she is comfortable, knows she is loved and is part of a family and that means a lot. ?I see our Mollie’s eyes now clouded with cataracts. Her ears no longer hear. Her brain is foggy with dementia and she coughs so much from her collapsing trachea. But she has stood by me for 14 years and I will stand by her to the end. I will be close to her until her last breath, as she would have done for me when she was able.
I won’t go through every dog we have here and all their issues. It would just take too darn long and time is not something I have a lot of. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to rescue. I can’t make that promise anymore. But I will keep going until I just can’t.? I want to thank all of our adopters! Your happy stories and pictures have been my ‘paycheck’! I want to thank all those that have supported us with donations of things that we needed and for the financial donations! I wish I could hug all the friends we have made all over the country. Most of our friendships have been made because of our love for the neediest of God’s creatures. We have that common bond -we love the ‘least of these’.
In this seventeenth year of rescue, I am just so darn thankful to have been blessed to be able to do what I love. Thank you all for allowing me to do that!
Happy Birthday PomRescue.com family!!!
Elaine Harris Pres/Founder

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