November- the month of being THANKFUL

I have noticed in the recent years that I tend to enjoy Halloween, and then get so excited that I rush head long in to preparations for Christmas- even though my favorite Holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. The reason is, we don’t buy each other gifts, but we gather together to fellowship and be THANKFUL. After TWO YEARS of a Covid pandemic, I can think of so many reasons that I have to be so thankful! Every member of our family (that I can think of!) has had Covid, except Ronnie, myself, our oldest granddaughter, my mother-in-law and my sister in law. And they have all survived! Thank God! Our daughter and all four of her children had it at the same time, and they live all the way on the Gulf of FL. Then before that, our son had it really bad, but his wife and son had it but were not as sick and it didn’t take them too long to get over it.
I hope you all have survived, but more than that, have thrived this past year. It has certainly been a learning experience.

In the last 12 months, we have lost FIVE of our sanctuaried rescue dogs. We lost Georgie (the KelpieX that came in with Bailey the Pom). Last Fall, right after I did the Christmas video, she went in to urgent respiratory distress and was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Then last Summer our 14 year old, rescued Tibetan Spaniel, Ollie, passed here at home, of age related heart failure.

Just a few months after that, Angel, one of our guardian German Shepherds, body gave up on her out on her, she had horrendous Arthritis.

In October, Guardian, our biggest guardian, coughed a bit and seemed off. I took him to our vet and we did extensive blood work, xrays, and checked him all over. It was found that he had a collapsing trachea and heart disease. I thought he was doing OK, but just a few days later, we were in the kitchen and he walked over towards the refrigerator, and fell over and didn’t take another breath. After speaking to the vet, she seemed to think it was a heart attack.

Then last week, less than a month after Guardian’s passing, our (rescued for 10 years) Pom, Mollie stopped eating, would just fall over, and could hardly breathe. She got her wings as well. Mollie had gone deaf, was mostly blind, has severe Dementia, and had a collapsing trachea for the last five years.

There is so much to each of these precious soul’s story. I loved each one and they were our family. So many people don’t lose five dogs in a life time, and we lost FIVE in 12 months. This is a first. I know we take in the ’special’ dogs, which usually don’t have many years left, but it is so hard to lose even one. Some days I feel like I am one of the ‘Walking Wounded’. I am functioning. But I honestly am not sure how. If it were not for the other seven members of our pack, I don’t know if I could keep on going. Our ‘Wild Wolf Wolferanian’ is a bright spot of my day, distracting me and making me stay on my toes.
I want you to know that I really appreciate all of our friends and supporters. I am so THANKFUL for YOU!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Elaine Harris President

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