Merry Christmas!

We have a new rescue coming in on 12/20/21 when his stray hold is over. That is if no one comes for him. He is older, grumpy and appears to be blind. I have been asked ‘What do the dogs need?’ It made me get serious about what we really do need, so I thought I would share. We have an Amazon wish list too.

Thank you!!

I have a ton of stuff in the basement for the rescues. I never throw anything away and always wash things and put them up clean. What we can use is:
medium collars, Med harnesses, 5-6′ leashes(I always give them away) sm-med dog clothes. Larger tough toys. (Chief will get a hold of them and swallow the small ones at least for another 2 years!) Dental care products(like the water additive, dog tooth paste and tooth brushes) Dry powder washing soap, & bleach. (the dry keeps our front loader washer from stinking! the liquid has sugar and feeds mold) Thicker, easy to wash baby blankets that I can fold up and they can make beds with. Dog treats and canned dog food. Baby wipes and dry shampoo! LOL I just remembered these when I had to clean up Lucy’s messy hiney! Rider has to have his behind wiped every time they come back in. That, his weight, horrible farts(LOL) and his constant barking is why he is still with us. I would hate to see what would happen to him, if he got with the wrong people! I believe that is why he got in such bad shape and ended up at the shelter to start with. They just didn’t want to deal with him any more and set him outside.


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