Our Christmas letter for 2021

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to our PomRescue.com family, friends and supporters! Thank you so much for your donations, support and prayers over the years!

2021 has been another tough year. We were still in ‘Pandemic mode’ and so many of the sanctuaried seniors needed critical care. In the last 12 months, we have lost FIVE of our sanctuaried rescues. We lost Georgie (the KelpieX that came in with Bailey the Pom) in Nov, 2020 right after I made the 2020 Christmas video.  She went in to urgent respiratory distress and was diagnosed with lung cancer. Then last Summer our 14 year old, rescued, Tibetan Spaniel, Ollie, passed here at home of age related heart failure. Just a few months after that, Angel’s, (one of our guardian German Shepherds), body gave out on her. She had horrendous arthritis, bad hips and various other ailments. Then in October(2021), Guardian, our biggest guardian dog, coughed a bit and seemed off. I took him to our vet and we did extensive blood work, xrays, and had checked him all over. It was found that he had a collapsing trachea and heart disease.  We thought he was doing OK, but just a few days later, we were in the kitchen and he walked over towards the refrigerator, fell over and didn’t take another breath. After speaking to the vet, she seemed to think it was a heart attack. Then less than a month after Guardian’s passing, our (rescued for 10 years) Pom, Mollie, stopped eating, could not stay standing, and could hardly breathe. She got her wings as well. Mollie had gone deaf, was mostly blind, had severe Dementia, and had a collapsing trachea for the last five years. As I am writing this, my heart hurts for them all and I miss them.

I am sorry for all the sad news, but I have good news to share as well.

Lucy, the blind, diabetic Pom girl has blossomed! With 2 doses of insulin a day, she has turned in to a gorgeous, happy girl! Trouble is doing fairly well with his diabetes  too. He gets 2 doses of insulin a day at the same time Lucy gets her’s. Tundra, Rider, Kelsey, Wolf are all doing good.  We have a new ‘guardian dog’ now. He is a German Shepherd boy named Chief. He has breathed new life in to us all and has become Wolf’s best buddy. He, Lucy and Wolf play all day and wear each other out! It is so wonderful to see them play like puppies as they remind us that life goes on.

On 12/20/21 We rescued ‘Oscar the Grouch’. He is a senior, blind, and deaf Pom boy who had been picked up as a stray. They told us at the shelter that he was a ‘grumpy, old man’. I’m not gonna lie- he is! LOL But if I had been lost, blind and deaf, put in a shelter and then taken home with strangers and a house full of dogs I don’t know, I would be a bit grumpy myself. We will love him, help him get adjusted, keep him warm and clean, feed him good food and get him the vetting he needs. Hopefully ‘Oscar the grouch’ will be a lot less grouchy, when he gets to feeling at home.

We wish you and your’s the happiest of Holidays and may 2022 be better than 2021! God bless you.

Big hugs-

Elaine, Ronnie,

and all the dogs of PomRescue.com

We did not order the cards this year. Please see video below. Thank you!!

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