Our New Year’s letter…..

With postage and printing costs out of sight, we sent out very few Christmas cards and letters sent out this year. I am sorry, but I know that you will understand us cutting costs where we can.

Happy New Year to our PomRescue.com family, friends and supporters!
Thank you so much for your friendship, donations, support and prayers over the years.
Our pupdate this year:
Bonnie Thompson, my great friend & board member – facilitated 2 Pom adoptions from VA! She rescued, fostered, had them vetted & adopted them out to a great home TOGETHER.We get to see daily updates on FB of Chloe & Simba. I am so grateful for Bonnie and all the hard work that she does!
Here in SC, we have THREE blind dogs now. Despite two shots of insulin a day,  Trouble’s Diabetes led to cataracts and blindness. He was really pitiful at first, but then has adjusted very well to being blind.
Our blind, diabetic Lucy has continued to do well with her insulin and seems to have had one eye become clearer. She is the sweetest, smartest, huggable little girl!
Buddy, is our blind and deaf sr boy from last winter. Once I realized that he would not drink water, I added enough warm water and canned food to his kibble to make ‘gravy’ and that hydrates him very well. He is a funny little character and has come to love us in his own, grumpy,  little way. He takes a couple of ‘walkabouts’ in the back yard a day, and is mostly found happily sleeping in his bed on his back, all paws up in the air!
Tiny, toothless Tundra is having some Dementia issues, but doing well for her age. She has a thick, beautiful coat that makes her look about three times bigger than she actually is.
Ms Kelsey is struggling with arthritis and weight gain which has not helped her already unstable disposition. Some days she will want to snuggle and others she might chase your ankles out of the room! One never knows…
Ryder is doing fairly well. Still barking and barking and barking, which is why he would not make it in a normal household. He has no ‘off button’. We chalk this up to his age related Dementia as well. He enjoys eating, and anyone that will pay him some attention, and I have learned to enjoy noise cancelling head phones! LOL
Wolf has made a miraculous recovery. After the loss of Guardian all he wanted to do was lay on a pillow. It was sorrowful indeed to see him. Chief has changed all that. Once again, Wolf is part of a ‘dynamic duo’!  If you see one, you will see the other. Wolf has no fear and also has no idea that he is not ‘Wolf-size’ and bosses Chief around constantly. This past Spring, Chief watched Wolf jump in to the above ground pool and would sit on the side, hanging his head and whining. He was pitiful! Once the water was warm enough Ronnie and I got in the pool and got Chief in there with us. He took off like a true ‘water dog’. Before long he was jumping in on his own any time we opened the pool gate! Without even teaching him, he would go to Wolf’s ‘surf board’ and tug the rope pulling Wolf around in the pool. If you know me and my cameras, you know that I have all kinds of funny footage and vids of the two of them splashing it up! They make me laugh and smile every day. Speaking of laughing and smiling-

We wish you and your’s a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2023 be even better than 2022! May God bless you.

Big hugs- Elaine, Ronnie, Chief and all the Poms of PomRescue.com

We hope that if you feel led, you would make a contribution to help the sanctuaried Poms and help keep us up and running. Thank you so very much!

Merry Christmas!

Donations may be tax deductible as PomRescue.com inc is a 501c3 non-profit
THANK YOU and Happy Holidays to you and your’s!!
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