Meet Roosevelt

4/29 PUPDATE: Roosevelt is eating well,  and is gaining weight and confidence. He is still on cage rest but gets out several times a day and seems to be in less pain and is getting around better. He is still on Prednisone, fish oil and a joint supplement. His personality is coming out and he is a sweetie pie.

Meet Roosevelt. He is so proud and brave, and hides his cripple back legs as long as he can. Then when they give out, he does his best to drag them to get where he wants to go. Franklin D Roosevelt had polio that crippled his legs. He was so proud and strong that he used heavy braces to walk, and would have his… son or friend nearby to lean on. He tried hard to never be seen in public in a wheelchair. He even drove a car with hand controls to give the appearance of mobility. That is why we are calling the new boy Roosevelt as in FDR.
I have taken him to the vet and he had his neuter, blood work, vaccines, microchip, and Xrays. Roosevelt has a very serious back problem. There is damage to the space between two vertebrae. He has been put on complete bed rest and Prednisone for the next two weeks in the hopes that the vertebrae may heal and he can move about with out pain. We are hoping that surgery is not required, but surgery may be our only option if he does not heal on his own. Please keep him in your prayers. We would appreciate any ideas on fundraising if the surgery becomes necessary. Thank you! Please check back for pupdates.

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