How YOU can help

Photobucket Would you like to help?

Here is how. If you are local to the Spartanburg, SC area and would like to foster, email us and we will send you a foster application. You will be screened just as if you were adopting. *WARNING* foster failure(the inability to let the foster dog leave) happens frequently so be sure you have room for one more! Also we can use your financial support. We have Vet bills, pull from shelter fees, food, and all the things that go with getting these pups healthy and adoptable. Can you help transport dogs from shelters to us? This is a big need.We can’t do this alone and depend on our friends, family and volunteers. You can make a difference in even one dogs life!

When you order from Amazon for yourself and gifts for your friends, if you order through the Amazon Smile link and put as your chosen Charity we get a donation for every purchase.
You have to register the first time if you are not already registered but it just takes a few secs.

We also have a WISH LIST on Amazon.

When you buy a product from our Cafe press line, we receive 1.00 for each item.

Do you use a search engine? You can help us when you search by using and choosing as your charity to support.

Please save at the top of your favorites and use it often. When you shop and buy from using this link we receive a donation for every time someone uses and specifies us as their choice. Photobucket THANKS!!!

Donations may be mailed to: inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376

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