‘A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, but even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.’ Proverbs 12:10


Letter to Tiny Tots former ‘owners’-
Dear —— I have your former dog now. I want you to know what he has been through in the hopes that if you ever (God forbid) are blessed enough to have another animal that you will not repeat what you did to this poor boy. Do you know what it is like to be torn from the warmth of your family and put in a steel cage in a shelter where you hear all the noise and barking dogs and you have no idea what is going to happen next?
He was in misery and pain from having been injured. Fleas had eaten in to his skin and his back was bare to the cold from hair loss. His little back bone showed through the sore filthy skin. This boy has known hunger. I hope you never have to know what that is like. He had no teeth with which to protect himself or eat with. His eyes were weeping, literally. Was he missing you? When he came to my house he walked from room to room on his cripple misplaced legs looking for you- so what do you think? Even after all the neglect, pain, misery and then casting him off when he needed you most, he would have RUN to you if you had walked in to the room. Such is the forgiving and loving nature of dog. I can only pray that God will help me to forgive like that. Right now I have anger.What could have caused you to drop him off at an animal control after he was injured like that? Don’t you know that for but the kind hearts that volunteer and work there he would be dead?An old, crippled, nasty, sick animal is not considered a prize candidate for adoption. They usually are never even offered up for adoption.If they are not adopted, don’t you care what happens to them? A needle in the leg by the hands of a stranger would be his last sensation. He would have looked in to their eyes before he went to sleep forever, thinking of YOU.
God help us for our inhumanity.
Most sincerely-
Elaine Harris

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