August 14, 2009
Have you ever wondered what good you are to God? You might feel helpless, frail, useless. Think God doesn’t need you?
My little Toughie has taught me so much about my relationship to God.

Toughie has few teeth, and weighs about 5 lbs soaking wet. He cannot protect me. Toughie has cripple legs, he cannot even walk on a leash for me. Toughie cannot herd sheep or cows. What good is Toughie?

Toughie is good for my soul! He watches me as I move about. He adores me. He loves me.  When I think about him I smile. He warms my heart. He is my close companion.

When we walk, I carry him close to my heart. His ear is close to my mouth, he hears my slightest whisper. He never struggles against me. He knows I will never let any harm come to him. Sometimes he does what I want with out me even having to say anything, because he knows me so well. He is so close to me that I never have to shout at him. I don’t have to call out to him loudly because he is right there. I don’t have to yank on a leash because he is so close he knows where I am going. When I am hurting, Toughie will lick my tears.  He reaches out a tiny paw and rests it on me. I have comfort and peace when I am with Toughie.

So you see God has a plan for us all. He wants us to stay close so we can hear him, and  be protected by him. Even if we cannot be a missionary in Africa, a preacher on TV, or a deacon in church. We have a role. We are to comfort Him. Love Him. Keep our eyes on Him. Adore Him. Be His close companion and give him comfort. He gives back so much more than we could ever hope to give Him.


bubba-not-gooddsc_0119-003.jpg bubba-better-dsc_0044-001.jpg

July 27, 2009 Bubba’s Lesson:
Have you ever thought about why some really great people die, while others that have done horrible things are still left on earth? Bubba was a little, really cute puppy that adopted my son one summer day when he wandered up to their old farm house. As Bubba matured, what started as a small bald patch on his face, became a very aggressive and hard to treat case of mange. Bubba looked and smelled awful. My son brought him to me asking that I do what I could for him. I tried medicated baths, special ointments, two different kinds of antibiotics, supplements, herbal remedies, good quality foods, and two different kinds mange dips. Several times during Bubba’s battle, when he looked so bad, I was asked why I just did not put him down. I kept thinking, lets just give him one more day. Lets try something else, maybe that will work. Just one more day……

I knew there was something so special about Bubba.

Deep with in that scabby, foul smelling skin beats the heart of a cute little, loyal puppy, just needing love. Just needing one more chance.

After three months of intense treatment I noticed some improvement. Then some more. There were less scabs. The skin changed color. The odor was gone. Bit by bit Bubba began to regrow  fur. He ate more.  He began to play a little.  The puppy was back!

I think that God must see people as we were when we were little babies. Even though our deeds and sins may be foul and horrible. He loves us. Don’t you know that He must think, “let me give him one more chance. Just one more day…… Maybe they will choose me and eternal life”, before he would give up on us? Aren’t we glad that there is a God with  a heart of compassion that does not want to give up on us? He deserves our love, our loyalty and our hearts.


June 17, 2009

How do I keep from getting broken? I guess I don’t. I recently had an experience with a shelter killing a Pom Mom and her seven pups. I had begged them to let me rescue them. Instead they killed them all…… That pretty much shattered me. It took a while, but I am picking up the pieces and gluing them back together. The glue came from good things, such as a girl that found a Pom and waited to be sure she gave her to rescue, instead of the first person that asked her. And folks that sent donations in a time when the economy is so tight. The people who email and ask if I am ok. The sound of my son’s voice. The phone call from a dear friend. The look on my grandson’s face. A hug from my daughter. Gazing at the tiny wrinkles now in the corners of my precious husbands eyes. The feel of soft fur under my fingers. A quiet moment of prayer and the knowledge that I do matter to God and that HE sees my pain.

Yes, I have been broken. But I have also been put back together and I am stronger than ever. I like to think the glue and all the cracks give me character.

June 1, 2008

I watched the movie ‘Evan Almighty’ tonight. I enjoyed every minute of it. If you have not seen this movie, I highly suggest viewing it.

Evan is asked by God to create an Ark. He knows he is going to be ridiculed and no one believes God has asked him to do this. Yet everywhere he goes the animals are following him around, urging him on.

I identify with this. When I look at my life from others points of view, I think they must think I am crazy. ‘Why does this woman spend all her time and energy and these little dogs?’
There is way more to it than that. God uses me to touch others through these little dogs.
The animals have taught me so much! There is such a corolation in our relationship with our Master and our dogs relationship with us.
One example is that my tiny Toughy is too little and cripple to be of much use. He cannot pull a sled, or protect me from a burglar. He cannot fetch a paper or herd a flock.
What Toughy does for me is much more valuable than that! He warms my heart. He stays close to me. He wants to spend time with me. He likes the sound of my voice and the feel of my touch. Toughy is good for my soul.

If I love him so much, then how much more must my Master love me? Some days I may not be much use to Him, but He still loves me and wants me to warm His heart, stay close, spend time with Him,  listen to His voice and feel His touch. We are good for God’s soul.


11/5/07 I am mentally tired……Where are all these poor, needy dogs coming from? Why are they abused- starved- neglected-and in such need of help? Where is man’s humanity? Today is one of those days that come around every so often. Days when I wonder how I will keep up with the pace of caring for so many, but knowing there is no choice.

I have to keep up. They are depending on me. I look at each little face all around me and know I would not have it any other way. They are so grateful for every kindness. I cannot let my mind even contemplate on what would have happened to them if I had turned them away. That gives me the energy to keep on going……

Elaine’s thoughts today 8/29/07

Having just returned from the Vet with Honey and Timothy, I sit thinking about the seriousness of each of the little dogs ailments in my care. There are so many. Each needs individual meds, and treatment. There is no vacation. Two days away from them could mean life or death for these grateful little rascals. I am not over emphasizing my importance to them, but just looking reality in the face. We are dealing with shell shocked, abused dogs that depend on routine and stability and the least upset leads to severe anxiety, causing gastric upset. In other words, by the time I return, I have dogs that have not eaten and are pooping blood. It takes weeks to get everybody back to normal.

I look at Honey’s little leg. Xrays taken today show it was broken just above what would be called our wrist. A trip to the Vet, at the time of the injury, and a splint for a few weeks then Honey would have been as good as new. Because no one cared enough to have her taken care of she now runs on three legs and needs surgery to repair her leg. The leg is also the least of Honey’s problems. Honey had a chest Xray too. This was to determine the status of her heart murmur. This brought better news than I had dared hope. Her heart actually looks good. The Vet(one of the best!) put her on a heart medicine, and an antibiotic to see how she will do in the next week. Then we will discuss having her spayed and her teeth cleaned. She was so good and sweet and the vet techs commented on how pretty and soft she was. My minds asks ˜Who will step up to adopt this sweet little broken girl?’ I believe there is someone for every dog, and I know that she deserves a safe home where they will love her and she will love in return. God, help me to know the right person when we see them.

Timothy had an Xray of his chest also. He does not have a heart murmur but does have a trachea issue. He also had hookworms. He was put on the same meds as Honey to see how he responds this week. He is so precious and I think he actually enjoyed the attention he was getting. I keep wondering about who will adopt him with all his little issues. But then I think about how adorable and cute he is and what a HUGE personality he has and I think whoever it is, they will have one of the best dogs in the world!

On Friday July 13, 2007 I picked up HeartBreaker. I named him this for now until he earns another title. He is a tiny, senior, weighing only 3.1 lbs. Like many of our others he has no teeth. His ears wear black with filth. His fur is sparse but still better than many we have rescued.
His nails were soooo long! He will come to me when he sees me but he is very afraid to be picked up.
He acts very shy and has the look of the puppy mill dogs, but he was already neutered. That just does not make sense.
I took him to one of our wonderful Veterinarians (Dr. Sue Ann Hurlbert) and she did an X-ray of his chest. He is in definite cardiac distress. He is now on antibiotics for his pneumonia, a diuretic for the fluid build up in his chest and a heart medicine to try to help his heart along. I am trying not to be too discouraged because he is in better shape than Tracker Jack was when we first saw him. Tracker Jack lived about 2.5 years longer, so I have high hopes for ‘Heartbreaker’.

Elaine Harris

Wednesday, July 11,2007, I bathed Ollie and to my dismay, half of Ollie’s fur just washed down the drain! Thursday morning I brushed him out and another one fourth came out in the brush!
Sharon(my sister and staunch right hand supporter) helped me load Ollie and Bobbie in the car for the meet and greet we had scheduled.
Bobbie was happy and excited. But Ollie began to drool and melt down like a Hershey’s candy bar in the sun. By the time we arrived he was a drooling, shedding, nerve wracked shadow of himself.
Bobbie was smiling, tail wagging, and reaching to be picked up by her new family, while Ollie laid flat on the towel in the buggy like he was nearing his expiration date. Our adoptive couple(approved and screened) had pondered the idea of adopting both Ollie and Bobbie, but due to Ollie’s terrified behavior we decided it best if he came back home where he can continue to aggravate the rest of us on a daily basis. Besides if we didn’t have Ollie to tease us and cause us to laugh, what would we do?


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