Just for FUN

I wanted to create a page where we could just enjoy our dogs. If you have something fun, email it to me and maybe we can add it to the page. PomRescueCom@aol.com

We have created an interactive PomRescue.com crossword puzzle. This is just part of our FUN page and we hope you enjoy it! Click on the link below. You will be able to fill in the puzzle online. Just click on one of the empty blocks and the clues will be shown.

We have a new color book page for the children. I hope they enjoy it. Just right click on the pic below and ’save as’ on your PC. Then you can open the file and print it out.
Color page

This is my FAVORITE video clip ever! I have to warn you, if you have not seen this before- grab the tissue box- you are going to be laughing so hard you will cry!!!

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