Pom Press coverage

Elaine & Melinda

discuss puppy mills and dog rescue

on Your Carolina

Our Snowball Program was featured on the local news:

Elaine, Sharon, and Melinda go to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter on Fridays to take videos of the neediest dogs for adoption. Chris Cato of WSPA News Channel 7, came out to highlight the program.
Shelter Dogs Saved From Euthanasia Through Operation Snowball | WSPA

Newspaper pic

Spartanburg Herald Journal:

‘Wherever a Pomeranian is

abandoned or in danger,she’ll try to be right there’

Wherever a Pomeranian is abandoned or in danger, she’ll try to be right there | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg, S.C.

on Jay Leno:

PomRescue as seen on Jay Leno

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