Heaven Sent…..


Blessing of Pets, which is often repeated, is as follows:

Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.


Not to make light of our losses, but we love this cartoon. It reminds us that one day we will be reunited with our beloved friends……


Bonnie and Dennis Thompson’s Tiny Tad.  He was so loved and spoiled. We look forward to seeing him in Heaven.


Mike and Thelma Jernigan adopted Dusty from us several years ago.

They also adopted Ebony from us. Sadly Ebony passed just a couple of weeks after Dusty did. Dusty & Ebony went on to Heaven ahead of  us. Godspeed!


Our love and sympathy to the family of  Mandy, Lisa, Bailey, Bandit and Maddie Cothran-Brown in the loss of  Baxter.

He brought so much love and happiness to his Mommies. What is our loss is Heaven’s gain. God speed Baxter boyo, until we see you again.

A gift to Pomrescue.com was given  by  Christopher Batista

in memory of Peanut and YogiBear Sorensen,

the beloved Poms of  Roberta and Drew Sorensen.

* *************************************************************************************************************************************

Fo’c’sle Jack: the Pirate Pom

You are greatly loved and missed. Sail  the Dread Ship Porkchop on to  the calm and peaceful seas little fellow


Tootles, we miss you every day. Until we are together again.


PuttPutt I miss you very day and will never forget your sweet self!


Trevor – We were so blessed to have had you in our lives nine years.

Your eyes were blind, but you never knew that you could not see.

Enjoy Heaven little boy. We will see you again!


We miss you Poncho, but are so glad that you are now running, barking, chewing and seeing all the things that you missed in the last few years.

Until we meet again little buddy…..Godspeed!


A donation has been made by Bonnie Thompson and her family in loving memory of  their Pomeranian, B.A.

He is greatly loved and  missed, but is now running happy and free with Sampson and their other furry family members that have gone on before us.

The Five Flags Dog Training club

has made a memorial donation to help the Poms in need

in honor of club member

Shirley Jordan’s

precious Pom,



Jill Brower made a donation in loving memory of her sister,

Jacklyn Anne Rodgers Proctor (Jacki),

whom Jill says was always singing and laughing.

So great is the love of a sister!

A  loving memorial gift was made to Pomrescue.com

in honor  and memory of Clarence Hembree

who passed on to be with the Lord on December 3, 2011,

by his son Steve, and Daughter in law Teresa.

“Taken too soon. Ollie found his forever home with the Pommie’s Auntie Jo. Happy at last. But less than 6 months there and the feline disease FIP came and took this sweet, gentle soul. He never made it to 2 years old. Ollie (my little man), you will never be forgotten …. “

Jo Parker Classe

A donation has been made by Pamela Donahue to support PomRescue.com’s efforts in honor of Sharon Blanchette.

A gift was made to PomRescue.com inc to help in the veterinary care of the rescues

in honor and in the memory of

Peggy R. Tildon’s

precious father,

Archie Robert Phillips

who passed on ahead of us on

September 23, 1960.


A memorial gift to honor the McNeil’s Family Pomeranian,


has been made to help Pomeranians in need by their friends, Andy and Linda Zeswitz.

Candace Bebee remembers Pommy and Budda with a donation to help Pomeranians in need.

We remember our friend & supporter Jill VanVlack during the difficult time after her losses of Geri her Golden Retriever, Ribbons her Black Lab and ChaCha her 16 yr old Pom girl.


God Speed Cubby!

Karen Loveless our board member and friend said goodbye to her rescued Labby girl

Gracie. Godspeed Gracie!


Judi Whalen has made a donation in memory of her good friend Carol Mullen. She was a good friend.


A gracious gift has been made in honor of Tailor  by Steve and Teresa Hembree. Tailor was a precious gift from God. Their special little boy.

A generous donation has been made to PomRescue.com inc in memory of all

the Kitties

of  Peggy Tilden

who have gone on ahead of us….

They left us in their sleep. Jackie going first and less than 3 months later Trapper left in the same way. Rescued from a puppymill in Sanford NC, 5 years ago they had grown to learn to trust and to know love. They are together once again. We will miss them.



Dennis and Bonnie Thompson honored the sweet memory of  Sampson with a donation that continues the rescue work that they started when they rescued him. God speed Sampson!


Tupper You were a muse, a little wise fellow, and full of joy! You brought a smile to every face you met. Susannah and Ellen, Puzzle and the Pirate Poms miss you.

Fly free until we meet again!


God speed Kaytie!

In loving memory by Laurie Wyatt



In remembrance of Moppet, whom we rescued, but could not save.



The Harrison’s lost Fred and Little Man with in a few months of each other. They both came from horrible circumstances, but knew great love and care in the ‘Harrison’s House of Poms’.

Enjoy Heaven sweet  Boys!  MindyMorkSH2

Little Man always seemed happiest being with Mindy. They are reunited again for eternity.



Miss Allie. We miss you but we will see you again in Heaven!


A memorial gift was made in memory of Karl Rodriguez in honor of his rescuer Ruth Morton by Luis Rodriguez Jr. Thanks for all you do. God speed Karl! dsc01487.jpg

On June 16, Karl Rodriquez, beloved Pom of Heather and Luis Rodriguez Jr passed on to Heaven. His family said Karl made friends where ever he went.


wrtig_final_2.jpg TIG Tig, you were a bright spot in the life of Jo Parker or as the Poms know her, ‘Auntie Jo’. God Speed sweet kitty…….



Little Fox, little ‘Timex’……. May you tick forever, run free and know only happiness for eternity. Cynthia G has honored your sweet heart by providing the for the treatment of TomTom’s heart worm treatment. May your memory live on!



God speed sweet Tank



Good bye precious Sparky, until we meet again: God speed!



Little Bit,(aka Twister from the Oconee puppymill) God bless you. The Harrison’s loved you so much!

We will not forget you…..



The years of abuse and neglect finally caught up with you. I am honored to have been able to show you human kindness and love before you left us. God speed Dixie! Run freely, see clearly, hear loudly and bask in love.



Thatcher – our Deaf Dancing Bear



Georgia, whom I lovingly called ‘Georgia Peaches’ because he was so sweet



And Tinker our ‘Littlest Angel’



Larry and Ann said good bye to Timothy. He knew the love of a life span in the time he was with them. God Speed Timothy! Until we meet again………



A gift was made to PomRescue.com by Bailey’s Mom Cynthia, in honor of sweet Bailey who went on to play in Heaven in November 2008. Bailey and Fox are now united and playing together into eternity.



God bless you Twinkle/Ginger. You twinkled brightly and were much loved by Hazel. May you shine brightly until we meet again!



Mindy was one of the lights of Suzanne and Stewart’s Harrison’s lives. They called her their ‘Dancing Queen’. Dance free now sweet girl ………………



God bless you Honey/Nikki . You were loved so much by your Mom Cheryl and family. We were so privileged to have known you.



Jazzy, You were so loved! God bless you and keep you.



God speed Polar Bear. You are suffering no longer. Go play and laugh and be free!



Coal, you warmed Tiffany and Thunder’s hearts! You will forever be in ours. Play happy until we meet again sweet boy.



Bobby/Jingles/TinkerBell  your sweet spirit will always be remembered. We, Larry and Ann will meet you again. You will truly be missed!



A special donation was made by Connie and Larry Reveal of Chesapeake, VA in honor of of the memory of Rocky Tyler, Anderson, Indiana.



On June 16, Karl Rodriquez, beloved Pom of Heather and Luis Rodriguez passed on to Heaven. His family said Karl made friends where ever he went. Godspeed Carl!



Tish’s Fozzie. Godspeed Fozzie bear!



Thelma’s Timmy, also know as HeartBreaker is forever loved and remembered in our hearts.

November 2007 several of our Pom family members had their beloved Pommies go on ahead of us to Heaven.


We have lit a candle in loving memory of Brockwell. A contribution has been made to PomRescue.com Inc to pay tribute to the life and love of Brockwell and give another abused Pom a chance at life and a bright future. Brockwell was much loved by friends and family. He was a tiny rescue that had the heart of a giant. Ann Smith, thank you so much for making us aware of this Angel’s journey, and may we meet up again in Heaven!


stewartandourfirstbabyverdel.jpgSuzanne and Stewart Harrison lost their very first Pom, Verdel. Verdel was the inspiration for the many Poms that the Harrison’s have rescued. Godspeed Verdel!!


in-loving-memory-page-i.jpg Gloria’s Teddy

louieangel1.jpg Leigha’s Little Louie

In October 2007 one of our rescues passed on ahead of us. Baker had been blessed to be with his adopted family for nine months. Marty had taken him to Veterinary specialists and his poor infected skin was finally healed and his fur was grown out all fluffy, and shiney. Love and care, good food and veterinary care had him living very happily and comfortably. We want to offer our sympathy and condolences for their loss. God speed Baker boy!


Prayer for Animals

Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals Especially for animals that are suffering; For any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death. We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them, We ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful. Albert Schweitzer


We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.

Unalble to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.

We cherish memory as they only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.

by Irving Townsend about pets


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