In this season of Thanksgiving, we want you to know that we are THANKFUL for our friends. adopters, and supporters! It really does take us all. Thank you so much!!!

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The last five PomRescues

We have been busy! These are our  last five rescues:





Honey Bun

Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!

Trouble was left at a shelter when he out grew a purse and we rescued him. He was a very active puppy and in to trouble all the time, earning every letter of his name – but we LOVE TROUBLE! Luckily as he grew – he discovered his acting abilities and has been featured in a few of our Doritos commercial ad contest entries. Trouble is sanctuaried here at PomRescue.com My daughter and her 3 children were here visiting from CA and helped me make this. It is actually Jenny’s puppet hands. They live very close to where the fires are now in CA. I hope this brings a smile in these very serious times,

Heartworm Project launched their annual ‘Match Challenge’ !

WooHoo! Heartworm Project launched their annual ‘Match Challenge’ (they did this for us last year too!). They matched up to $1000 of all donations to PomRescue.com in 10 days. This means if you donated a $1, to PomRescue.com you actually raised $2 for PomRescue.com! I am so EXCITED to announce that not only did you help us meet our goal, but you SURPASSED it! We want to thank YOU and to thank HEARTWORM PROJECT for caring and sharing!!!!

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You can use our donate button or drop a donation in the mail.

Our mailing address is:
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You can use our donate button or drop a donation in the mail.

Please note that we can no longer take in owner surrenders.
We are sorry to say that we can no longer take in owner surrendered dogs. Due to some bad experiences and our lack of foster space, we must save our spaces for dogs in immediate danger of being put to death at shelters.

We hope you had a safe Solar Eclipse day!

PomRescue.com Sunny’s eclipse! We believe that Sunny is blind due to detached retina’s from a blow to the head. Sunny is available for adoption. More info here:

Cinnamon our latest rescue

Cinnamon our latest rescue is doing well after almost 2 weeks. I gave her a bath today and it was not quite as traumatic as the first one. She still needed the cone as she still tried to bite me, but she was a little less intense. I was still reminded of the term ‘fighting tooth and nail’. It must have been written about her! LOL She seemed to enjoy a soft brushing. I got a collar and tags on her and we played with a loose scarf on her neck. She lets me pick her up several times a day with no issues. Food is her currency.(mine too! ;0) She is scheduled to have her dental and mammary tumors removed on 8/28. She is eating like a wolf so she should be a good weight by then. I will have them biopsied. Pls pray for no cancer and no complications. She let Ronnie pick her today! That was a big deal.

Cinnamon RESCUED!

PomRescue.com could use some donations right about now (our Christmas donations have now run out) to help vet these guys and buy dog food. If anybody has a little extra to help, we would appreciate it! Donations can be made here on our PomRescue.com website using the ‘Donate Now’ button, or by mailing a donation to PomRescue.com, PO Box 14, Roebuck SC 29376

If you would like to buy some food or supplies this is our Amazon list:

Pls share and THANK YOU SO MUCH! if you would like to think about tax deductible donations. PomRescue.com is a 501C3 non profit and your gift can be tax deductible. THANK  YOU! You can use our donate button or drop a donation in the mail.

Our mailing address is:
PomRescue.com inc
PO Box 14
Roebuck SC 29376

Rescue of tiny, cripple, HW+ Pomeranian

SunShine : Ready to be adopted!


SunShine is something special. She was found as a stray and then no one came for her. She is blind. However she gets around very well once she knows the ‘lay of the land’. I walk her to go outside with a leash, to the same spot in the yard-I unclip the leash-she does her ‘walk’ and will come right back up the deck steps then on to the porch and steps up on in to the house! Sometimes she even beats me back to the house! Sunny is so smart, that one morning I was not fast enough making her breakfast, that I walked out on to the porch and she was SITTING in a CHAIR at the TABLE! Like ‘Where is my breakfast?! LOL Sunny does not need some one who will pity her or feel sorry for her. She needs someone that will protect her, care for her and help her grow in to the loving heart dog that she was meant to be. At 24 lbs, she can still be carried when needed, but she is doing very well on the leash. I am trying not to carry her these days- as she really needs to learn where everything is. We would prefer her to go to a home that is familiar with blind dogs-but if you are willing to learn, we might can help you with that. We don’t think a home with children would be a good thing as she does not need to be startled and feel the need to protect herself. That is what blind dogs do. She was growly here at first to the other dogs, but soon she was realizing that nobody was going to harm her, so she just lives and let live. She hasn’t bonded with any of them, but is starting to really get attached to me! She is going to make some one an AWESOME friend for life. She has not been barky, which is pretty amazing in a house full of Poms. She really did not like the dog goggle glasses, but it made for an eye catching pic(pun intended ;0)so I included it. Ok- so if you think you are interested- shoot us an email to PomRescueCom@aol.com with a little about yourself. We have an application, require refs, a vet ref and a home visit. Be prepared to prove that you deserve her for the prize that she is! She will not just be going home with anybody, or she can just stay here for the rest of her life. Just being real here.
Sunny is microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, heart worm negative and started on heart worm prevention and flea prevention.Because she was a stray- I have no clue as to her age! I am just guessing 7ish? Could be more, could be less! We had a blood profile done on her at the vet and all looked good. Please email us for an adoption questionnaire.**Adoption donation, a home visit, two personal and one Vet references will be required. *

Pieces of a heart

Pieces of a heart
“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.”

Over the years, so many have come and gone. Some leave us for other homes. Some leave us in death. This quote really spoke to my heart, as I have always felt that each one takes a piece of me. And yes, each one gives me part of themselves as well. I suppose if one were to open up my chest, inside would be a heart that looked like and old quilt. Patched, faded, well worn and much loved.

Elaine Harris

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